How do the MES systems and ERP systems that software development companies encounter integrate?

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MES systems and ERP systems need to be integrated in three locations: (See

First, the basic data integration

ERP System for "organization" maintenance, and "synchronization" to the MES system "organization", ERP system for "personnel information" maintenance, and "synchronization" to the MES system "personnel information", ERP system for "account information" maintenance, and "synchronization" to the MES system "account information", ERP system " Product Code "," Development stage "," Product use "," Model Route "," Standard Inspection Project "," Material file "," Work center "," team "," Work Calendar "," Product BOM "maintenance, MES system query call.

Second, production management integration

MES system "query" ERP system "production Order Details", the formation of workshop production tasks, the MES system "report completion", "Update" ERP system "production Order Details" completed quantity; Mes system "Master Job Plan", "query" reference ERP system "model Route" MES system for "resource constraint check", "Query" ERP system "parts/raw Materials inventory" and "Equipment resource Ledger" information; Mes system "task table Preparation", "Query" ERP system "product BOM" and "Preparation plan", MES system for "picking request", Through the workshop through the approval, "generate" ERP system documents "Picking requisition form", by the library tube confirmed to generate "out of the Library list", MES system "resource to use/return", "Update" ERP system "equipment resource Account" record status;

Third, quality management integration

When compiling "structured process data" in MES system, "query" refers to ERP system "standard inspection Project setting", "Query" refers to ERP system "standard inspection Project setting" When MES system is prepared "technical notice"; When the MES system is finished reporting, "Check management", "Generate" ERP System Document "Please check the list"; ERP system "Process quality inspection" and "Product quality Inspection", "Update" MES system "completion report" of the qualified quantity; MES system "on-line quality determination", if there is a variance, "generate" ERP system document "Ultra-difference single", MES system " On-site problem processing, if the feedback quality department is required to process, "generate" ERP system Document "Problem feedback form", and ERP system will process the results "update" to the MES system;


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