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Teach you to use your working time efficiently! Today's protagonist is @edc Yu Yuanqing classmate, he listed his own in the United States, Germany and China's interactive design work, all in good order and weight properly, and finally attached to the work of the designer's practical experience, very worthy of all fields of students reference learning, recommended collection yo.

To eliminate the special circumstances of the discussion, such as the crazy rhythm before release, the day-long meeting, the organization building at the end of the year, the budget arrangement, and so on, I want to write about the 3 everyday "interaction designer days" I've experienced:

Interactive designer's day job in the United States

Interaction designer in Germany a day's work

Interactive designer's day job in China

Only write normal working hours, overtime time does not discuss. Write only typical work arrangements and do not discuss unexpected situations. In the end, I will write some of my own ideas about the focus of the day's work.

1, Interaction designer in the United States a day of work

Scenario: Mobile product design in Silicon Valley Internet company.

8:30 am, to the company, eat breakfast, the first floor café to get a cup of iced coffee, upstairs.

9:00 am, to the office, look at the email, row their own day design work, marking the focus.

9:15 am, centralized processing requires a person to think about the design of the problem, painting on paper, writing content design ideas, indesign,ps,omnigraffle.

10:00 am, quick meeting, and product manager, development together within 15 minutes of yesterday's results, obstacles, and today's tasks.

10:30 am, Product Manager needs a quick seminar to get new needs, dialectical thinking, PK.

11:00 am, and visual quick pull through, and then continue to draw interactive drafts.

12:15 pm, lunch, usually minced pork with avocado black beans with rice.

1:00 pm, and design or product colleagues drink coffee, noon drink sugar-free hot latte, discuss the latest emerging technology, design trends, talk about the latest mobile devices.

1:30 pm, drawings, design draft output, InDesign document collation, email output overall design program.

3:00 pm, Product weekly meeting, planning, leadership of the task layout will be.

4:00 pm, afternoon coffee time, must point strawberry milk. Chat with Chinese colleagues, talk about which Chinese restaurant opened, which Sichuan authentic.

4:30 pm, drawings, and development of the design Implementation Seminar, and QA test Seminar, holding a good manuscript and product manager PK, leadership review design.

6:00 pm, get off work, go home.

2, interactive Designer in Germany one day's work

Scene: Business trip in Germany to do design delivery.

8:30 am, to the company offices, eat breakfast, quick access to processing email, follow-up to solve the domestic team key issues.

9:00 am, morning meeting, with German colleagues to discuss project progress, labeling difficulties, division of labor.

9:30 am, check the design draft, prepare the solution, clear the train of thought, and discuss with colleagues the main points of communication, Breakthrough point, PK focus.

10:00 am, walk to the customer company meeting, design part of the discussion is fierce, the workplace everyone speak English, when it comes to technical problems, the Chinese back to cover their mouths, start Chinese rapid communication, German customers back to cover their mouths, start German fast communication, and then on both sides of the clear, and then back to

11:00 am, in the client company's office area, do meeting minutes, send, work minutes, assign jobs to domestic designers, do a round of meeting preparation.

11:45 am, communicate quickly with the delivery team to see if the project is progressing reasonably and whether the design delivery is within the plan.

12:30 pm, eat. (German elbow ...) Not to be tasted)

1:00 pm, walk, and family video, rest.

1:30 pm, start work, discuss customer's new requirements with company colleagues, write solutions, drawings.

3:00 pm, Summer time difference 6 hours, the domestic just to work, and the domestic team remote meeting, follow up, decorate the domestic team work, focus on important things, give advice, authorization.

4:00 pm, to the customer company to continue the meeting, discuss design, development, user research, design delivery, technology implementation.

5:00 pm, drink coffee, walk back to company offices, and family micro-letter, say goodnight. Don't eat or eat a sandwich.

6:00 pm, write meeting minutes, marking design delivery project focus, layout design tasks to the domestic design team.

6:30 pm, project team meeting, design, development, technology, architecture, security, project management each section reports their respective situations, key issues discussed.

8:00 pm, back to dormitory. Go to a Chinese restaurant to eat or return to the dorm for fruit.

3, interaction designer in China one day's work

Scenario: Multi-design project concurrent design output and design management.

7:40 am, to company, breakfast.

8:00 am, to the office, look at the mailbox, see notes, focus on key issues, processing, follow-up.

9:00 am, look at all the projects in progress, labeling, dividing and arranging important or emergent design tasks.

10:00 am, write solutions, write work materials, drawings, and review design proposals for confirmation.

11:00 am, key project meeting, follow up team work, follow up baseline and front-line work.

12:20 pm, eat, walk, read books, write articles, see design website, drawings.

1:30 pm, focus back to the second round of email, follow up the key issues, solve the part, the annotation retained part.

2:00 pm, Project Review Meeting, program meeting, Solution seminar.

4:00 pm, communicate with team members overseas, understand the support situation overseas, review and give advice and arrangement.

5:00 pm, interactive, visual, front-end development, with research capacity line follow-up, and each line responsible for rapid communication, get the business and ability of the two-line progress update, give advice, arrange work, and other locations design interface person communication.

6:00 pm, get off work.

I think an efficient and progressive day should include:

1, morning Inbox, 0 hours.

In the morning to the company, fewer people, fewer meetings, fewer problems, immediately look at email and deal with. Urgent problems can respond to the solution immediately, there is no answer to immediately reply that has been received, such as time to give you feedback. The focus of email work with their work focus on rapid integration of notes, labeling, sorting, thinking, the day's work is very clear, and to ensure that the most important things to get the most important time arrangements.

The target is that every new mail in the mailbox is taken care of.

2, big time.

Large chunks of time are left to the most important work. Important solutions, the overall revision of the product review, new product development business ideas, creative design intensive discussions, and so on, all need a large chunk of time to focus on investment. This time, reserve time in advance, work in the conference room, avoid unimportant meeting, email interference, all is the key.

3, Debris time

A lot of work can be done in time of fragmentation. such as the case of a project to follow, 5-10 minutes, I will let the main designer to accompany me to the water room to pick up the tea, walk a few minutes to clear; For example, a design method of the construction progress follow-up, I will be in the long yawn and responsible for the task of the colleagues quickly 10 minutes to chat.

Debris time can help you get some work done when you relax. But be aware that your debris time is not necessarily someone else's time, so it's important to find a time that's good for everyone. For example, I would use the time of the company to eat fruit every afternoon, the time to walk to the canteen at noon, and discuss some work tasks that don't require long time to discuss.

4, punctual and trustworthy

Punctuality, in fact, is to save their time.

Trustworthy, in fact, in the convenience of their own.

Any key deliverables, solution discussion points, and project points in the workplace require accurate punctuality and trustworthiness. The meeting is 5 minutes ahead of schedule, prepare the material, let oneself quiet to prepare for the discussion behind, certainly than on time to rush to start the discussion is better; promise to the material, must be submitted on time, or even in advance to do forward communication, more change, improve the quality of materials. These can make the work efficiency and personal professional image be promoted.

5. Thinking time before work

When young, do not understand, often the work of the trouble to bring home, so bad, no help to work, but also let themselves and their families to rest badly. Old, slowly learn to go home after work to relax, so to yourself, family, work is good.

So it's important to think time before work.

I am now accustomed to work home in the 40-minute shuttle bus, the recent work of the focus of one after another, if there are important unresolved issues, think good preliminary ideas, work tomorrow to solve.

Home, I will immediately convert to family status, peace of mind with his wife to do housework, watching his wife cooking or occasionally to her to play, watching TV, reading, writing, running, let oneself relaxed down.

Our work actually has a very high degree of repetition every day. Many a time passes quickly. Be sure to think about it after work every day, what you did today, what you did well, what you did well enough, how to do it better in the future.

Every day, no matter how small progress, is the foundation of a big step forward in the future.

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