How does my webmaster make our website contain content?

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How does my webmaster make our website contain content?
1. To make our website contain content, what can we provide to members? We want to analyze what our members need to access the internet now? As you may know, there are still many requirements for members to go to the Forum: new things in the local area, dating, promoting and promoting their own products, talking about and classifying their hearts, for personal local websites, we can't think so much about it. Members should go to the local news and go to the local news network. If they want to get married and make friends, they will go to the Jiayuan Network. If they want to publish classified information, they will go to the people's network, these are not the advantages of our personal local sites, but one thing we can grasp is to talk to our hearts, because many people cannot talk to their family and friends in reality, we can only choose one network environment to say that everyone needs to talk to each other. For our personal webmaster, we can provide you with such a platform, maybe you will ask, how can we let everyone speak in the forum?
2. How can members tell their stories in the forum? This is indeed a headache. If this problem is solved, the forum will not worry about having no content, and the content will be original, which is also good for Baidu indexing, many members come to the forum to read it first. Let's take a look at it. Maybe they won't say what they say in their hearts. How can they guide them? This depends on the Webmaster. Many webmasters may create some pseudo-original ideas. In fact, we can start from ourselves. There are indeed not many forum members. There are more than 3000 members, however, the stability of members is particularly good. The ratio of PV to IP is 300: 1. Many old members regard this as a home on the Internet because they know what kind of person the webmaster is, if the webmaster wants to make members dare to speak in the forum, he must have his own "personality charm" and "privacy courage". In the early stage of the Forum, the webmaster must be a webmaster without privacy, let the members really know you. I have been on the forum for more than a year. I can say that I have said everything in the forum. I treat members as my own family, because many members, including moderators, are website owners, if the webmaster does not write anything and does not say anything, they will naturally not say anything.

How can more people see the content on the website? How do I promote my website?
1. For our personal webmaster, network marketing is more suitable for our promotion. We need to cultivate our own network resources. At the initial stage of my forum, we rely on NetEase circles, the growth of members now relies on the QQ talents group. I also sent messages to the point-to-point forum in a local forum. The effect is quite good. Currently, my online marketing of the Forum relies mainly on the QQ talents group, every day, new members are added to the QQ group. Many people say that the QQ group will affect the popularity of the forum. I also felt that I had eight chat groups at the beginning, there are more than 1400 people. I kicked 1000 people in the later stage, and now I will clear them regularly. How can I bring people from the QQ group to the forum? My method is to ask the member to notify all the members in the group: (if the member is not a forum member or has not reported on the forum within a week, remove the member from the group), the effect is acceptable.
2. SEO promotion. This is a professional product. I really don't know much about it. PW people helped me optimize keywords in the previous stage. My website now ranks first in keyword ranking.
3. Online activities, in group-based building activity, although Virtual Forum coins are rewarded, they are also very popular. In addition, there is a shopping activity for merchants. I held a building activity with the local KTV, in seven hours, we rushed to the fifth floor of the building and sent out 15 dedicated room cards.
4. Offline activities: individuals are responsible for local websites. Offline activities are critical. Organizing offline activities can make members more cohesive.
5. Behavior promotion: for personal local websites, T-shirts should be taken into account on the website's founding anniversary. I made 60 T-shirts when I was one year old. They were all reserved by members, each of which was 50 yuan, in fact, it is very expensive, but members are happy to ask for it because they regard the website as their home. Members wear T-shirts to promote their websites. This kind of behavior art is very important for our webmaster.
6. Emotional marketing: sentiment is a subtle thing. People are emotional animals. Therefore, to make full use of emotional marketing, our webmaster needs to say something to the members, such communication often makes members feel real.
7. Event marketing: hypes up a small matter. Since its establishment, my forum has already held eight couples in hand, and three of them have been married, I have made great publicity in the forum, making many people feel that this is a real place.
8. Merchant activities: I tried my best to seek benefits for members, even if it was just a little bit. I once organized activities with Haier household appliances, so I wanted to be alone. At that time, I went to more than 40 people, each member has a gift and it is a very good gift. Such an activity can make members feel that they are valued.
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PW8 is coming out immediately. This is a great news for our personal webmaster, because our PW8 Portal page is very mature. How can we better utilize PW8 functions?
For PW8, we can see that food channels, car channels, and parent-child channels are independent pages, and it is difficult for us to maintain these channels by ourselves, find the loyal moderators of the two forums on each channel, delegate their powers, reasonably authorize them, and place ads on the channels to the moderators at the same time. This is also an incentive for the moderators, at the same time, channel maintenance is also a promotion, making them feel that the moderator and updates of this channel are rewarding.
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Personal webmaster development expectation
Persistence is victory. Even if we stick to failure, we will also win, because this process also makes us understand a lot and we have gained friends!
1. You need to have your own jobs and do not have a website in the early stage.
2. Gradually cultivate the popularity of your website. You can't eat any fat man at all. Even if you eat it, you will suffer from indigestion.
3. Train your own network team and grant proper permissions to reduce the pressure on your website.
4. Maintain online and offline activities and merchant activities, and drive forum popularity through activities
5. The time is ripe to become a consumer card of the merchant alliance-that is, membership cards and other things.
6. Do not make your forum free of advertisements. Just like a hotel, if there are no guests, everyone will not like it, return the advertisement location of your forum to the forum's moderators and loyal members. On the one hand, they will publicize the forum, and on the other hand, they will make other sellers see it, and we will also be happy.
7. When the forum receives the first reward for its members, it is very easy to stabilize the members. If you buy small gifts and redeem points, the members will be very happy.
8. When the monthly revenue of the forum is about 3000, find a company registered as an agent to register 1 million of the company, and then do it professionally. The agency fee is about 3000.

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