How does the Apple iphone5s/5c achieve the call recording?

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Preparatory work

has been jailbreak the iphone (IOS7)

Audio Recorder Plugin

Specific operations

First step, install Audio recorder

1. A jailbreak of the Apple phone will see on the desktop there is a Cydia jailbreak App Store we find and click to enter, and then click "Search"

2. In the search we enter audio Rrecorder and then click the search will appear as shown in the following figure.

3. The search has come to us directly as shown in the following figure click the "Install" button in the upper-right corner to continue

4. Continue clicking on the "Confirm" button in the upper right corner to start the installation

5. After the installation, we slide to the bottom of the iphone will see a "Reboot Springboard" button, click on it.

Step Two, set up Audio recorder

1. After the installation reboot to enter the desktop will be shown in the following image prompts Audio recorder prompts us to set its options in the settings, click "OK" to continue

2. In the "Settings"-"Audio recorder" option

3. Then "enable" switch

4. There will be some related information, we just click the "Agree" button

5. It is now possible to record sound, of course, there are a few options for this one can try their own.

Step three, try the recording.

1. Now we find a friend to try to call him, and then in the call screen will see a rec icon dot

2. The rec will keep flashing while we are recording, which means the voice recording is on the phone.

3. The phone is finished, we found the application icon of Audio Recorder on the main screen of the mobile phone

4. In Audio recorder, the call recording is divided into three classes,

First, all recordings, including incoming calls, are played out.

The second is, incoming calls, others call in.

Three is, outgoing oneself to fight out.

Yun-Habitat Community Small series prompts you, these recordings we can send to the mailbox or directly saved to the computer Oh.

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