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First we understand what is the tag tag, tag tag actually there are many kinds, such as title tag (title tag), description tag (Description tag), keyword tags (Keywords tag) and so on. Today we are not talking about these, but tag tag plug-in function, which is defined by the operator himself can summarize the main content of the article, it is more accurate than the site classification, more specific, more flexible existence. Believe that the blog has been useful to this function.

This chapter mainly discusses, tag tags on our website optimization have what advantages? What should we pay attention to when we use Tag label function? When we find that the tag tag of our website is not properly used, how should we make up? Such three questions.

1. What are the advantages of tag tag for our website optimization? Tag tag function whether Baidu or users, are very like this feature, when spiders and users to view the content of the site, the article title and tag tag, you can directly tell them what this article is mainly about, For the webmaster tag tag can increase the use of the article's exposure rate, adding to the stickiness of the article. For example, we are a blog to do SEO, there is a "SEO technology" tag tag, when visitors look at the "SEO technology" of an article, want to continue to browse the "SEO technology" related articles, users can click the "SEO technology" tag tag to find "SEO technology" Related articles and read, (of course, the site's navigation, classification, and related articles plug-ins can effectively increase the exposure of the article, tag tags in comparison with more accurate, more specific, more flexibility). Tag tag is also an important part of our site's internal links, reasonable application can be achieved: to improve the depth of spider access, reduce the rate of the site, the centralization of the site, and other effects.

2, in our use tag tag function in the process of what we should pay attention to?

Tag tag is a double-edged sword, the use of good can for the site rankings do a great contribution to the use of improper also caused by the site K is down right or decentralized weight. The number of labels to be strictly controlled, the number of not too much, too dispersed, if a site has dozens of articles, the webmaster in the absence of control of the number of tags in the case, each article to add more than a label, and in these dozens of articles appear in the Label keyword too dispersed, there will be a label below only 1-2 article situation ( The article's exposure rate is not increased), will also feel a lot of

Spam page (will make the site jumped out of the rate and create weight dispersion), which is very unfavorable to optimization. Under normal circumstances we suggest that in a minimum of 5 articles in a label need to be added to the label can not be too casual, to have a certain purpose.

3, when found that their site tag tag is not properly used when we should be how to complement? Generally there are three ways to solve this problem.

①, remove some unfavorable to our optimized label, apply to tag tag to start to use the website, tag tag and not full of spiders crawling or crawling site.

②, by writing robots.txt file to screen out tag tag page.

③, can also be written nofollow tags, shielding the spider to a specific tag tag page link crawl.

Can be sure that the tag tag, although very small, but the role is very large, it is a can overcome competitors and hurt their double-edged sword, in the use of a more appropriate strategy to control it, enlarge the tag tag's advantage to enhance the ranking of the site.

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