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How to avoid being a spam sender

Email marketing ads
When the fiscal quarter ends, you can achieve or even exceed your revenue target by adding a little more sales. will you choose to send a large number of E-Mail Marketing advertisements?

Jim Campbell, vice president of E-mail Senders and Providers Coalition (ESPC), said: "customers will be angry and click the" Report Spam "['junk'] button, your next email marketing ad will be rejected as spam, so that long-term losses will easily exceed short-term benefits."

Rewards for best business practices
Using best business practices for email marketing activities will help you reduce your chances of becoming a spam sender. It is worth a try: Return Path, Inc. george Bilbrey, Vice President and General Manager of an enterprise that provides services for email sellers, pointed out that email is the most direct marketing tool with the highest ROI, he said: "email has advantages such as ease of customization, low cost, measurable, and customer relationship consolidation."

Pat Peterson, vice president of IronPort, Inc. Technology, said: "if used properly, email will be the lowest cost and the most effective tool for customers ." IronPort, Inc. Is a Cisco business unit that provides email and Web security products.

What is spam?

Bilbrey pointed out that the spam filter usually checks whether the email is spam based on the email source or content, and blocks about 20% of email marketing information, most customers decide whether they are spam. If the proportion of user complaints against messages exceeds a certain threshold, it is usually 1%-2%, most ISPs mark the sender of the message as the spam sender.

You can also mark emails sent to spam traps (addresses that are not actually used by the ISP to capture spam) as spam. Even valid Senders may have no intention of sending emails to spam traps. For example, customers who participate in the bidding have entered the wrong email address.

Suggestions on protecting reputation
The following suggestions provided by E-mail marketing experts on how to avoid being a spam Sender:

  • Make sure that only emails are sent to the applicant. Two-way confirmation and closed confirmation are gold medal standards: When a Customer subscribes to an email, you should reply to an email asking them to click the link to confirm the request.
  • Record the time and location for Customer approval. If the Customer subscribes to an email on your website, it will be automatically recorded; if the agreement is signed in writing or by phone, please keep manual records. "If the ISP suspects the validity of an email, such records will help you prevent it from being intercepted," said Campbell ."
  • Determine customer expectations based on the email type and frequency. "Whether it is spam is determined by the recipient," said Campbell. If they do not want to receive your email, they may complain ."
  • Send content of interest to the customer. Bilbrey said: "The best way to avoid complaints is to be a smart marketer who only sends emails that the customer is really interested in ."
  • Remind the recipient of the email you sent. For example, "you subscribed to this newsletter monthly on the garlic festival ." A confirmation link is attached.
  • Sign Automatic feedback provision agreements with the ISP responsible for sending emails, such as AOL and Hotmail. If someone complained to your ISP about the message, this feedback line will send you a notification so that you can immediately delete this person from the recipient list.
  • Always update the email marketing list to reduce the number of unknown users. For example, you can delete a customer who visited your company's website two years ago from the list.
  • Decide how to respond to the rejection of recipients who open the email. "If an email is sent to a rejected contact, the email address may be invalid, and the result is counterproductive," said Campbell ." Some ISPs retain invalid email addresses to capture spam.
  • Consult professional "email sending consultant"To set up your email server to avoid blocking your marketing ads. ISP will examine dozens of features of your email. Senior Consultants also recommend that you send emails in batches and use multiple servers to send them.
  • Remember, managing email reputation is a long-term task.Not overnight.

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