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Now is the life, everybody at present since the group network most commonly is 100Mbps Ethernet, for the multimedia production company and the advertisement image design company which transmits the massive data frequently, the 100Mbps speed appears to be not enough. Have you ever thought about using other high-speed transmission technology to create a local area network? Here, I will discuss with you through the IEEE 1394 (also known as FireWire, commonly known as "FireWire") to create high-speed internal local area networks. Hope that the following content to help you!

(1) The characteristics of IEEE1394 network

One, speed

Some computer products that require high flow data, such as external hard drives, scanners, digital cameras, and so on, are in great need of IEEE1394 this high-speed interface. Its maximum speed is up to 400Mbps, which is the best reason for setting up a LAN with the help of the IEEE1394 interface. In fact, IEEE1394 transmission technology is becoming popular, and gradually become a standard transmission interface for computer products. Like the recent introduction of personal computers, some have already built-in IEEE1394 adapter card, greatly facilitate the acquisition of digital video camera images, such as Figure 1. In addition, there are also a few types of IEEE1394 adapter cards designed for old computers.

Figure 1 Sony laptops with built-in IEEE 1394 interface

Second, the installation process

Some people may say, the Ethernet's material and the establishment are relatively simple, why should abandon and take IEEE1394 to establish the network? In fact, just look at the following installation process, we know that IEEE1394 is indeed preferable to Ethernet.

1, Ethernet Ethernet Network

① Install network adapter card →② Install hub or switch →③ connect different computers to a hub or switch →④ restart your computer →⑤ install the network adapter driver →⑥ set up a Web →⑦ restart your computer.

2, IEEE1394 FireWire network

① Install IEEE1394 adapter card →② Install IEEE1394 network software →③ set up network →④ plug connected to the computer IEEE1394 wiring.

From the installation process, Ethernet requires more equipment and installation time. The IEEE1394 network can be set up with fewer steps, saving time and saving money.

Third, the network structure

The IEEE1394 network uses a tree-like network structure. For example: A company has five computers, such as the use of a general Ethernet network, the connection between the five computers need to use the hub; instead, the IEEE1394 network simply installs the IEEE1394 adapter card on one of the computers (computer a). Since a IEEE1394 adapter typically provides three or more IEEE1394 interfaces (Figure 2), the other two computers (computer B and C) can be connected to the IEEE1394 adapter card of Computer A, and the remaining two computers D and E will be attached to the IEEE1394 interface of Computer B and C respectively. As a result, the entire network forms a tree structure (Figure 3). As long as the user does not turn off computer A's IEEE1394 bus, the entire network will run at the optimal 400Mbps speed. Plus the IEEE1394 network does not use routers or hubs, which indirectly lowers the cost of the entire network.

Figure 2 IEEE 1394 interface

Figure 3 IEEE1394 Network Connection diagram

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. Computers in the IEEE1394 network are not allowed to be turned off. If one of the closed, especially the tree-like middle of the computer shut down, the lower computer will not be connected to the LAN, access to other computer data.

(2) How to establish IEEE1394 network

Having said so much, I'm sure you're probably starting to be interested in how to build a IEEE1394 network. Building a IEEE1394 network requires proprietary software, which is not currently available in every version of the Windows operating system. If you want to use this feature, you have to equip each computer with a set of software. I found a IEEE1394 network software called Firenet on the Internet for trial use (Figure 4). Firenet is a shareware, you can download the trial This software provides different versions for downloading and can be used for different operating platforms:

Figure 4 Firenet The Installation interface diagram on the Windows platform, firenet NT4.5 supports Windows NT 4.0; Firenet 2.5 supports Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP; The Firenet 2.5 server is a high-end version that supports the operating system of servers such as Windows Watts Server. The software registration fee is USD 78.

On the other hand, the Firenet Mac 2.5 version supports Apple Mac OS 9.x, while Firenet Mac 1.0 supports Mac OS 10.X, which enables IEEE1394 network Cross-platform high-speed exchange of data. Users can exchange data freely between Mac and PC simply by installing a predetermined communication protocol. In addition, because of the IEEE1394 Plug and Play function, laptop users can join or leave a high-speed IEEE1394 LAN at any time.

I have tried to install firenet in two computers that use the WINDOWS98 operating system and to connect using the IEEE1394 special wiring. Of course, the IEEE1394 network not only connects two PCs, Firenet supports up to 63 PCs, especially for small businesses and Soho families.

1. The user should install an IEEE 1394 adapter card (Figure 5) in each computer in the network. Currently on the market well-known IEEE1394 adapter card brand has Ai Ying, such as silicon Pa. The key is to check whether the operating system installed in the computer can confirm the existence of the IEEE1394 adapter card and whether the adapter driver is installed. If it's not installed, the following steps cannot proceed.

Fig. 5 IEEE 1394 adapter card for Silicon PA PCI interface

2, before installing the Firenet software, remember to unplug all IEEE1394 lines (Figure 6), especially in the network connection between each computer wiring. This is very important! If you install firenet without unplugging the wiring, it will cause the entire network to be unused.

Figure 6 Unplugging the connection

3, to enable the computer Support IEEE1394 network, need to install firenet for each computer. It should be noted that firenet is not started directly in Windows Start → program, but in Control Panel → system → Device Manager.

4, the installation is completed, the system will appear a warning dialog box, said by the firenet installed "Unibrian 1394 firenet Adapter" did not pass the digital signature of Microsoft Company certification. There is no need to worry that firenet is fully compatible with the various versions of the Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP operating system. The user simply chooses "continue install" to be able to perform the rest of the setup program.

5, the next user needs to restart the computer, and the corresponding IEEE1394 connection. When everything is installed, the "Find New Hardware" dialog box appears. The reason is that firenet will connect the FireWire adapter card computer as a "device", the operating system will be treated as a new hardware, for you to install the Firenet PC "device." At this point, the user needs to pick up a list of all the drivers in the specified location so that you can select the driver you want from the list to install the Firenet PC device.

6, now go to choose the installation program path screen, the system will ask "need windows to search for new hardware?", the user should select "No, want to select hardware from the list." The Add New Hardware Wizard appears. The Firenet PC can be successfully installed simply by selecting "Firenet pc" and then pressing the "Next" key.

To add, sometimes installing the "Add New Hardware" dialog box is not always present, so it is up to the user to manually install the Firenet PC. First, the user will open the hidden device in the system's Device Manager. When you start this option, you will see the IEEE 1394 IP Network enumerator device, which has more than one child device to choose from. The user will update the driver for the "1394 Host" and repeat steps 5th and 6.

7, at this point, the user in the Device Manager can see the "Network adapter card" has been installed "Unibrian 1394 firenet Adapter." "Firenet PC" devices (Figure 7) can also be seen in the "Unibrian 1394 Devices". A firenet PC device equals a computer, and if there are 5 computers in the network, 4 firenet PC devices will be displayed (the host is not counted)

Figure 7 Proper adapter card installed

8. Finally, users also need to set TCP/IP options. The method is to select Unibrian 1394 firenet Adapter in the settings → control Panel → network, and in the TCP/IP settings, fix the IP address to "" and set "" as the subnet mask. At this point, the Firenet setting is done. It's similar to the way Ethernet is set up, such as identifying and sharing settings for each computer in the IEEE1394 network, and accessing them in My Network Places. Now, we are finally able to enjoy the 400Mbps high-speed LAN!

(3) Concluding remarks

The 400Mbps high-speed advantage of the IEEE1394 transmission standard really helps a lot of users who often send large amounts of data. Of course, with the continuous progress of technology, the future IEEE1394 network will certainly do more perfect. For example, the tree-like structure of the middle-level computer does not need to start for a long time, but also to enable the lower computer access to a layer of computer information. At that time, I believe that more can drive the development of high-speed network, we will wait and see!

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