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404 and invalid links also have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Therefore, proactively avoiding invalid links can effectively increase website exposure and increase website traffic.

Note: some terms and methods are for WordPress bloggers, but they are related to all webmasters. Bloggers update blog content more frequently than other webmasters. For them, the website has a higher chance of failing to connect to the website.

WordPress blogs can use the following two plug-ins to process such invalid links.

1. Check the plug-ins with invalid Links, such as Broken Links Checker.

2. Automatically manage 301 jump plug-ins, such as Redirection

As a plug-in minimalism, I always stick to manual operations to avoid using and installing plug-ins. It can be determined that the plug-in is more efficient to deal with such problems, so it is worth installing. No matter whether plug-ins are used, I strongly recommend that you manually check invalid links and 404 errors.

Use the Google website administrator tool to detect and remove invalid links. Why does Google index even if the page does not exist? There are two reasons.

1. An error occurs in the input, causing you to incorrectly reference an invalid internal link. We recommend a simple plug-in Link to Post to avoid such errors.

2. After Google indexed the original link of your post, you modified the permanent link of the article.

The best way to detect such errors is to use the Google website administrator tool (GWT ). This is a necessary tool for webmasters. If you have not touched any webmasters, register them as soon as possible.

The gwt url deletion tool can remove invalid pages from Google search results. The steps are as follows.

Detects invalid pages indexed by Google

Register GWT and add your website. Here is an introduction to usage.

1. Click fault diagnosis-"capture error" in the left-side menu ".

2. Select "not found.

3. If yes, click to view which pages contain invalid links.

4. Confirm that these URLs have been indexed by Google. You can copy them to Google search to see if there are any results.

Remove these url links from Google search results

1. Click website configuration-capture tool permissions.

2. Select Delete URL.

3. Click add delete request.

Select the first option to remove the page from the Google search results.


If you want to retain this page in the search results, you can select item 4, which will delete any cached version of this page on the Google server. This action prevents Google from displaying expired page versions in the form of "Web Snapshots.

5. Click next.

6. Enter the URL you want Google to delete.

7. Select the first item and click add.

8. The URL to be deleted should appear in the list. You can add other URLs to be deleted.

9. Click submit delete request.

Your request is now waiting for processing-in most cases, it takes two to three days for Google to delete the link.

10. Click website configuration-capture tool permissions.

11. Select remove URL.

12. Make sure that the URL you want to delete does not appear in the list of pending requests.

13. Now we can see this url in the list.

To confirm that the URL has been deleted from Google, copy it to the search box to check whether there are any results.

Xenu Link Sleuth is used to detect invalid links, and Xenu Link Sleuth is another excellent tool used to detect invalid links. Download this tool here.

Xenu is a Windows program that can output all links to a website-valid or invalid-and group them in a readable manner.

After installation:

1. Click File to Check the Url ).

2. Enter your website URL (for example: tutorial /).

3. Wait for the program to check all links.

4. When Xenu asks if you need a report, click Yes)

You can enter FTP details, but you can click cancel to generate an XHTML report in the response (it automatically opens a dialog box ). In the report, click the invalid link (Broken links ). Sort links in the directory to view which pages contain invalid links. Finally, visit the above page to delete or correct these links.

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