How to connect the chassis line motherboard assembly computer chassis and motherboard jumper connection

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So, how do I get the motherboard jumper? In fact, it is very simple, we just have a reason to think, one by one, it is easy to connect. Generally speaking, the main board jumper on the needle mainly includes switch power switch, reset switch (coincidence), power light, hard drive lights, speakers, audio, USB interface, and so on, seemingly a lot, but one to, it is not difficult, the following detailed introduction.

How to connect the chassis line motherboard assembly computer chassis and motherboard jumper Connection diagram

Power switch (Electric)

The plug of this switch is two feet, for the convenience of user identification, one of the lines is generally yellow or black, while the other line is generally white. This plug must be plugged in, or you will not be able to start the computer through the chassis panel. In addition, the power pins on the direct short connection board can also be started. The connector on this switch is generally labeled power SW, while the initials in the vicinity of the corresponding position on the motherboard are generally PWR, power SW, PWR SW, PW, PW SW, or PS.

These two switch properties of the key plug is not "positive, negative" points, which is also a feature of the contact switch, so when connecting the motherboard, as long as the connection on the OK, which is why in the bare platform use, we all use a key or screwdriver as a tool to start the computer.

Some people may say, since you say switch key wiring why also use color and white distinguish it? In fact, if you want to hard to get this wiring out of the why, it is not not, generally speaking, color line is "positive" (not the true meaning of the positive), white line for ground (in English more ground or Gnd said).

2. Reset switch (reset)

The plug of the reset switch is also two-legged, one of which is usually indicated in blue and the other is white. Its role is in the case of continuous electricity to enable the computer to restart, often in the computer running suddenly when the crash is used. This switch is connected to the plug on the general marked with the word reset SW, and the corresponding position on the motherboard of the pin near the English abbreviation is generally reset, RST, RS or re.

3. Power LED

The power supply light line is also a two-pin plug, one of the lines is generally green, and the other is white. When the host power is powered on, the power supply light will light up. The power LED is generally labeled on the plug on the switch line, and the initials of the corresponding position on the motherboard are generally PW LED, Power LED, PWR led or pled+ and pled-.

In general, color lines are positive lines, while white lines are negative lines (usually negative lines are white, but there are also a small number of wires are represented by black cathode).

In addition, some chassis power instructions are more alternative, the motherboard wiring is not used to power the LED lamp, and the direct use of the 5V D-Type Power Interface (motherboard wiring pins provided by the same voltage is 5V, so you can replace the use of the player can also change their own) directly show whether the host is in a working state of power.

4. Hard drive Light (HDD LED)

Hard drive light connection is also a two-pin plug, two lines is generally a red and white. When the hard drive has read and write action, the hard drive light will light up. This switch is connected to the plug on the general label HDD led typeface, and the corresponding position on the motherboard of the English abbreviation for the near PIN is generally HDD LED, HD or ide_led+ and ide_lde-.

5. Horn (Speaker)

This connection has four pins, but only two lines, the color is generally a red one black or an orange and black, the correct connection for the speaker on the chassis to use. This switch is connected to the plug on the motherboard and the corresponding pins are generally marked with speaker words. Some computers in the normal startup will be issued through the horn "beep", or in the normal start, through the horn issued a corresponding alarm sound, to provide users with help to solve problems. However, some motherboards are already integrated with speakers, so there is no need to connect the speakers on the chassis

Ps. Now the chassis does not bring this, belongs to the elimination of things!

USB interface

USB2.0 interface Diagram

USB3.0 interface

USB interface is relatively simple, the main distinction between USB2.0 and USB3.0 can be.

Audio Interface (headphone connector on the chassis, if not, the front of the chassis headset will not be used)

Audio interface mainly has 2, previously said AC97 and HD audio difference, this will involve to the N multiple motherboard integrated chip upgrade history story, but in simple terms, the current HD audio has completely replaced AC97, So we can use the sound card chip model to determine which generation of chips we are using.

Audio interface

In normal circumstances, the current HD audio most of the 8-channel output, so like "C889" this type of chip will need to plug in the HD Audio connector. And if you plug in the wrong way, or plug in the AV97 plug, or chassis only AC97 plug, then do not worry, you can go with the driver software, tune into AC97 compatibility mode, so that both sound. If you want to listen to 8-channel HD Audio, then plug the other interface again.

At present, in addition to some old motherboards, the next generation of motherboard products are HD audio chip, so directly plug the HD audio interface to connect well! And there are "anti-stay" design, simple and easy to use.

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