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As we all know, many transportation tools have to work together for a while before they are used, and our speakers are the same. Now some friends seem to be in a strange circle-focusing only on the quality of purchased speakers and the performance of on-site sound quality. In fact, we need to know that if you have a speaker with good potential, the sound quality after "Boiling" will definitely make you feel refreshed. The "pot" method I introduced here today is mainly for computer multimedia speakers, which is slightly different from the hi-fi equipment.

"Pot" refers to the continuous use of the speaker for a long time (48-72 hours), so that the speaker unit is aging, so that it does not emit harsh noise, and make the sound as round and sweet as possible. During the "pot" Speaker process, we should pay attention to the volume, time, placement and recording options. The following sections describe:

I. Volume

Controlling the volume is the most important part of the speaker. Generally, it depends on the speaker power and unit size. In terms of the characteristics of multimedia speakers, the actual power is generally far less than the nominal power, so in the Process of "pot", you need to open the speaker volume to the top, the sound card volume on your computer is limited to 60%-75%. Of course, it may be better to increase the volume properly, but if the speaker quality is too hard, not only will it not have a better effect, but it may also generate a greater noise after the sound is "done; 2. Can you eat away when you play the video at a high volume for two or three consecutive days ?! Maybe the neighbors will hit 110! Therefore, it is recommended that the volume be medium or large. If the speaker is relatively upscale, you can also increase the volume.

Ii. Time

For brand new unused speakers, it takes a little longer to polish them. It should take about 60 hours. However, in the process of polishing the speaker, every 12-15 hours after playing the video, the sound effect can be quite perfect. However, there is no practical argument for such a statement, so it is only for your reference. Considering that most of the players' speakers have been used for a period of time but have not been "done", we recommend that you use them for 36-48 hours on the basis of the original speaker, which should be able to achieve better results. Of course, there must be a degree to do everything. I don't think it should take more than 72 hours to "boil" the speaker. Otherwise, even if there is no problem with the speaker, I am afraid you will also need to become a machine.

3. Placement

The placement here does not mean how to place the speaker, but rather it refers to putting the speaker on a stable and solid ground to reduce the vibration of the speaker at a large volume. This is because the speaker will be placed in a place such as a storage room for playing during "pot", and thus a stable environment for the speaker is ignored. Some netizens say that a marble can be placed under the tripod of the speaker as a shock absorption, but this refers to the hi-fi system, and the effect has not been confirmed, I did not dare to comment.

4. Select a record

The choice of records has a crucial impact on speaker performance. In view of the fact that most multimedia speakers are currently used to play games and listen to popular music, you can combine them in the "pot" process, use brisk pop music with a strong heavy metal rock to "boil" the speaker. If you are especially loyal to music, especially the appreciation of Symphony, you can mix some Symphony and pop music. If you use a computer as the audio source during "pot", please use the software with frequency adjustment, such as Winamp, to properly improve the listening part, in order to have a good performance of the speaker.

Emphasize again: the above methods are aimed at speakers with certain potential (price> = 500). If your speakers are too low-end, it is better not to consider them.

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