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Make PDF document Big exposure simple

The PDF format, Portable Document format, is a document specification system that Adobe has created on the basis of its PostScript language, primarily for electronic publishing.

PDF files can be used to encapsulate text, fonts, formats, colors, and graphic images that are independent of device and resolution in a single file, which can also contain electronic information such as hypertext links, sound and motion images, supporting features, and higher levels of integration and security reliability. Since PDF files can be "realistically" presented to every reader without relying on the operating system's language and fonts and display devices, more and more e-books, product descriptions, company announcements, web materials, e-mails, etc., are beginning to be used in PDF format. It has become a de facto standard for the distribution of electronic documents and the dissemination of digital information. The PDF file format is independent of the operating system. Specifically, PDF files are common in both Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS operating systems. Therefore, it is the ideal file format for publishing presentation documents on the Internet.

Making a PDF file to use Adobe's Adobe Acrobat, note that not the Adobe Acrobat Reader,adobe acrobat that we typically use is a commercial software, and this article is based on Adobe Acrobat 4.0.

Software Installation Essentials

The first is to install the software, do not feel that the installation is very simple, if the installation is not appropriate to output containing Chinese PDF files. The place to note when installing is to see the dialog box in Figure 1, select the "Custom (user-defined)" mode, click Next to continue, the Component dialog box appears, the scroll bar to the end, the point "Asian Language support (Asian language)", then click "Change button, select "Simplified Chinese Language Files (Simplified Chinese Language Pack)" and "Distiller Asian Language PDF Generation" In the popup dialog box ( Distiller Asian Language PDF generator) ", point" Continue "continues. Click "Next", just enter personal information and serial number, then all the way Next, after the copy is completed, ignore the electronic registration, and then follow the prompts to restart the computer to complete the installation. Of course, if the software version is Simplified Chinese version, it will not be so troublesome.

Principles of PDF production

After you install Acrobat, to see the printer, you'll find two more printer settings Acrobat Distiller and Acrobat PDFWriter, which is a virtual printer that Acrobat automatically sets up, which is necessary for making PDF files. Because the format specification of a PDF file is based on the PostScript language, the PostScript language is an accurate page description language that is used to generate complex layouts in electronic publishing, and PostScript is independent of the printer's hardware. Just ask the printer to support this page description. Here acrobat Distiller and Acrobat PDFWriter are two virtual PostScript printers, and Acrobat is the virtual printing of documents made with other software software, resulting in intermediate file *.ps (PostScript ) file, and then call Acrobat Distiller to generate the PDF file. Software that supports PDF output after installing Acrobat has Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMaker.

Automatically generate PDF files with Word

Here we don't talk about how to use Adobe Acrobat 5.0来 to make PDF files, because Acrobat is more complex, and learning it may require a book to solve, rather than just an article. However, I believe that people will use word, in fact, Word first edit the document, insert the picture, and then use it to generate PDF file effect is similar. Open Word Right-click on the toolbar, choose "Custom", then select "PDFMaker 5.0" in the "Toolbars" tab and you will find two more icons, "Convert to Adobe PDF" and "Convert to Adobe PDF and email". Here PDFMaker is a macro button designed specifically for Microsoft Word to easily generate PDF files in Word.

Now we can make the first PDF file. First, open a file with Word, then click on the icon in the toolbar, the dialog box shown in Figure 2, the default value of the system to click the "Create" button, so PDFMaker began to automatically generate PDF files. It automatically scans for information in Word documents, such as links, directories, and so on, which correspond to links in PDF format, directories, etc., and all the visual information in the resulting PDF file is the same as the original file. Also note that the PDF file generated by PDFMaker is stored in the same path as the original doc file.

Here you have done the first PDF file. This is the simplest way, but not the best. Why is it. Because this makes the PDF file size is very large, such as the original doc file only 25KB, with the above method made out of the file has 153KB giant. Does not meet the requirements of online transmission.

Make a PDF file of small volume

In order to adapt to the Asian language, Acrobat designed a special generator and language pack for Asian languages, but it was solved by means of "embedding fonts (Embed Fonts)". This is optimized for direct printing, but if it is used to generate PDF files, the negative effect is to greatly increase the size of the file. We are bypassing PDFMaker to make PDF files. As I said earlier, Acrobat installs two virtual printers, in which Acrobat Distiller can generate PDF documents, but there are some settings to be made before the first use, since PDFWriter is the default embedded font and we want to remove this option. The specific method is to select File/print in Word ..., pop up a dialog box, select Acrobat PDFWriter in the printer name, then click the Properties button on the right, and in the dialog box that appears, select Edit Conversion settings in the Adobe PDF Settings tab. Remove the selection before "Embed all fonts" and "Subset embedded fonts" under "Fonts", then click "OK" to not embed fonts automatically.

This will allow you to start making PDFs. Open the Doc document and select File/print ..., select the printer name for Acrobat Distiller, OK, wait for the dialog that appears in Figure 3, you can choose to save the path of the PDF file here and set the PDF file information, then make sure that the PDF is ready. Look at the size of this file, only 15KB, is the source file (25KB) size of 60%, which is very suitable for online transmission. If we look at the font information again, we will find that the Chinese font is no longer embedded. This method of making PDF files applies not only to word, but to all software that has the ability to print.

Encrypt a PDF file

In PDF documents, you can set a password to prevent users from printing files, changing file contents, selecting text and graphics in a copied file, adding comments, or by setting a password to restrict viewers. With these powerful protections, you can effectively limit the behavior of your readers and protect intellectual property more powerfully. Setting these protections is very simple, open the PDF file with Acrobat, select File/save as ..., select Standard in security, and automatically jump out of a dialog box, where you can set the password for the open file, Change the password of the security settings and do not allow the user to do things (print the file, change the contents of the file, choose to copy the text and graphics in the file and add comments), select the completion of the confirmation, the system will automatically and you proofread the password, after the error back to save the dialog box, you can save the PDF file or overwrite When you open this file again, you will be restricted by the security permissions you have set.

This should be the simplest way to make PDFs, and if you're interested, you can make them directly with Adobe Acrobat 5.0, which provides a very informative and self-paced program.

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