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Create OEM package Part1
OEM package is a key part of the RoM template. By selecting different OEM packages, We can customize different Rom. Series 4 Preparation in three categories describes how to create an OEM
1. How to make the software's cab installation package into an OEM package
2. How to create an OEM package for green software
3. How to create an OEM package for Registry Modification

Because there are many contents, we decided to divide them into two parts for introduction. Part1 describes how to convert a cab installation package to an OEM package ). Part2: describes how to create an OEM for green software.
Package and registry-modified OEM package, how to extract and make available OEM package from built-in software.
The OEM package of a complete software should include the following:


1. files required by the software
2. shortcuts (optional, depending on the software)
3. DSM file (indispensable)
4. rgu (Registry File) (optional, depending on the software)
5. initflashfiles.txt, mainly used to specify the storage location of the Flash files) (optional, depending on the software)
6. Option. XML, used to load the OEM package and display related content (indispensable)

The following uses PHM Registry Editor v0.70 as an example to describe how to convert the cab installation package Regedit. of the software into an OEM.
Package. PHM Registry Editor is a free PPC registry editing software. You can view the software introduction on its official website and download the cab installation package of the software (pocktpc2002, 2003 (ARM/PXA )).
Before converting a cab to an OEM, you must make the following preparations:


1. Obtain the guid (UUID) Code
2. decompress the software in the cab package.

First, let's talk about GUID (or UUID). GUID is the abbreviation of Globally Unique Identifier. It is a globally unique identifier translated by each OEM.
Each package has a unique guid number for system identification. You can obtain the required guidcode from Go to the website and select Version1: Time/node in the "get" button.
Based or version4: Random. Then, click the "get" button to automatically generate a guid. This page can also generate multiple guid codes at a time. 1.Write down the guid (2e7230bd-1d2e-4c59-8643-85fee5d5f86b) of this string.

Fig.1 guid code

Let's talk about the software for extracting the cab package. The wincemanager or cabwuz produced by OCP software can be used to decompress the cab package. The trial version of wincemanager can only be used for 30 times, and the Registry file cannot be exported. The trial version of cabwuz can be used for 30 days, and the Registry file cannot be exported. This forum has a cracked version of the above software. Please search and download it by yourself.

The following describes how to convert a cab installation package to an OEM package using cabwuz as the decompression software Regedit.

Download Regedit. and open it with cabwuz. 2. There are files, shortcuts, and registry on the left. Files contains PHM
Registry Editor
For v0.70 software, we will export all these files later. Shortcuts is a shortcut. The Registry is the Registry required for software running. The right side is the property of the cab file.

Fig.2 cabwuz Main Interface

Click "+" in the file signature on the left to expand the directory. A total of nine files are displayed. See figure 3. The properties of these nine files are displayed in the right window. The locationin the third column indicates the storage location of the file. Please refer, except that the storage location of regedit.exe is % installdir %, the storage location of the remaining 8 files is % WINDOWS %.

Fig.3 file storage location

3. Click files in the left window, and then click the extract button on the toolbar to export all nine files under files. 4. Export the file to the desktop/PHM
Registry Editor/directory. Click OK to export the file, as shown in Figure 5.

Fig.4 select the directory where the exported files are stored

Fig.5. the file has been exported.

4. Open the PHM Registry Editor Directory, which contains two folders: [installdir] and windows. 6.

Fig.6 PHM Registry Editor folder content

Open the windows directory, which contains eight files, that is, the files stored in the cab package at % WINDOWS %. See Figure 7.

Fig.7 Windows directory content

Only one regedit.exe file is included in installdir.exe. 8. Therefore, cabwuz decompress the file based on the file storage location information in the cab package.

Fig.8 [installdir] Contents

After you copy all the nine files under the two directories to the PHM Registry Editor directory, you can delete these two directories. 9.

Fig.9 copy the files in the [installdir] and Windows directories to the PHM Registry Editor.

Create two TXT files. Rename a file 2e7230bd-1d2e-4c59-8643-85fee5d5f86b.dsm, and rename the TXT file 2e7230bd-1d2e-4c59-8643-85fee5d5f86b.rgu. That is, guid number. DSM and. rgu, 10.Make sure to change the extension to DSM and rgu..

Fig.10 create a DSM and rgu File

Open the rgu file with notepad or other text editing software, and click Save,Save it as a Unicode file. This is important, otherwise errors will occur during buildos execution. 11.

Fig.11 Save the rgu file in unicode format

Edit the rgu File
Return to cabwuz and use cabwuz to Open Regedit. The lower part of the Left window is registry. Click registry. the right window will display "entries
20 ", 12, indicating that there are 20 registry table entries. Click "+" to expand the registry. 13. Because both cabwuz and wincemanager versions cannot export registry files. So we had to manually compile the Registry Information in rgu. If you have the official version of wincemanager (PS Baidu), you can easily use the "Export
To Reg "(export REG) function, directly export registry information.

Fig.12 Number of registry table entries

Fig.13 Registry Information

In section 13, the table item under the hkey_classes_root \. rbk key is:
Name: Default
Type: REG_SZ
Data: regbackup

It should be written as follows:
[Hkey_classes_root \. rbk]
@ = "Regbackup"

Default can be represented. REG_SZ indicates that this is a string value. 14. Replace % installdir % (installation directory) in the original registry with \ Windows \\.

Fig.14 rgu File
Another important point is that,The last line of the rgu file must be empty. Otherwise, buildos may also run incorrectly.. 15. To sum up, pay special attention to the following four points when creating an rgu file:

1. files must be saved in unicode format
2. the first line of the file must be: regedit4
3. the last row of the file must be empty.
4. The single slash (\) in the registry must be written as a double slash :"\\"

Fig.15 the last row of the rgu file must be empty.

Compile shortcuts
It can be seen from filesthat regedit.exe is an executable file. So we need to create a shortcut for it and place it inProgramTo facilitate the call. Because allOEM
All package files are stored in the Windows directory.
. The path of regedit.exe is \ windows \ regedit.exe.
In the PHM Registry Editor directory, create a TXT file, open it in notepad, and enter:
# "\ Windows \ regedit.exe"

Create a shortcut in fig.16

Save the disk and exit. Rename the TXT file PHM Regedit. lnk. 17.

Fig.17 rename the TXT file *. lnk (shortcut)

10. Edit initflashfiles.txt
In the PHM registry editordirectory, create a new TXT file and rename it as initflashfiles.txt. Open it in notepad. Enter the following content:


; Start PHM
; ========================================================== ===
Directory ("\ windows \ Start Menu \ Programs"):-file ("PHM Regedit. lnk", "\ windows \ PHM
Regedit. lnk ")
; ========================================================== ===
; End
PHM regedit

This sectionCodeIt means to copy PHM Regedit. lnk in the Windows directory to \ windows \ Start
Menu \ programs directory (program in the Start Menu.
Red is the directory (\ windows \ Start
Menu \ Programs), green is the display name of this shortcut, where the-file before the brackets refers to this file. Blue is the location of the shortcut. 18. For the same example, save initflashfiles.txt as the unicode format.

Fig.18 initflashfiles.txt File Content

Compile option. xml
Buildos.exe loads the OEM package through option. xml. If the OEM package does not have option. XML, the OEM
The package will not be loaded. Similarly, create a TXT file, rename it as option. XML, open it in notepad, and enter the following content:


<? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-16 ″
Standalone = "yes"?>
<Item name = "PHM Registry Editor"
Group = "applications-applications"
Checked = "true">
<Tip> registry editing software </tip>
Type = "p"> 2e72e0bd-1d2e-4c59-8643-85fee5d5f86b </GUID>


Where, <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-16 ″
Standalone = "yes"?> Is fixed, and all content is nested in <items> </items>. If you know something about XML, you can easily understand this node nested structure. <Item
Name> is the name of the package. It will be displayed in the option box of buildos. Group refers to the group in which the package belongs. You can set the same group for different packages, make it a group, for example, classify all applications into the same group. Checked has two values: true and false. True indicates that the package is selected by default, and vice versa. The <tip> content refers to the prompt information displayed when you move the cursor over the package in buidos. <Guid> This is the OEM.
The GUID of the package. The type is P. [

Fig.19 option. XML content

So far, the PHM Registry Editor's OEM
All packages have been created. 20. In addition to the nine software of the software itself, a total of 14 files are added, including DSM, rgu, initflashfile, shortcut, and option. xml. By the way, DSM and option. XML are mandatory. If the software does not contain registry information, such as green software, you do not need to create rgu files. The same shortcuts and iniflashfiles are optional.

Fig.20 PHM Registry Editor OEM Package content

Copy the PHM Registry Editor folder to the my_rom_kitchen \ OEM \ directory. 21.

Copy fig.21 to the OEM directory

Go Back To The my_rom_kitchendirectory and run buildos.exe. If everything is normal, PHM registry
editorhas been properly loaded by buildos.exe. Hover your mouse over the package and the registry editing software is displayed ". 22.

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