How to customize a CRM report [solution to uploading a Report to the CRM server]

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Crm4.0Although an online report designer is providedVisual StudioSimilar methods in the report designerCodeThis method facilitates the Administrator to easily build some commonly used simple reports. However, this method cannot provide statistics reports with richer content.Visual StudioTo developReporting ServiceReport and uploadCRM ServerIn the report Manager (notSSRsOfReport Server).

to ensure the uniformity of our reports with other CRM , when creating custom development reports, we usually combine the report designer with Visual Studio . According to the Report Wizard Report click to start an online report design. The next process is very simple. Follow the steps in wizard step by step, similar to wizard in Visual Studio , only primary entity and second entity , used to select the relevant data source. Finally, we can click "more action"-> "Export" to save the generated report to the local device.

Next, we willAdd the reportVisual StudioIn the report project, changeData SourceFor the correctData Source (In some cases, you may be different from the original one.). Modify the definition of data acquisition (SQLAnd customize your own data display interface. These definitions are stored asXMLOfRDLFile, the next thing we need to do isRDLUpload filesCRM 4.0. ClickWorkplace-> my work-> reportsOpen the report management interface and clickNewTo add a new button.Existing fileTo upload a report, as shown in:

Note: report type- Select Existing file. File Location- Find your report file through client file browsing (RDL); display in- By default Report Areas So that all users with report browsing permission can Reports Click the link to view the report. Of course, you can also select other regions. Click Save Button to upload our reports CRM Server, at this time CRM Checks the correctness of the report (actually running). If the report passes the check, it will be saved SSRs Report Server And register CRM Li ( Report Server The additional type is Guid Of TypeField to identify Report ) . But sometimes (for example, your development is not on the Report Server /CRM On the server - Of course, this is also the most common scenario.) You will get an error:

Check the specific error and you will find that there is an error in the report data.How can this problem be solved?

1.Put this report inReport Server ProjectPassedAdd existing itemJoin.

2.Select your dataset and click"..."Button to open the detailed definition of the dataset.

3.ClickData SourceRight of the drop-down list"..."To open the data source definition window.

4.RetrieveUse shared data source referenceCheck box, and clickEditButton to build the linkCRMDatabase connection string. As shown in:

5.SaveData SourceAnd save the changes to the entire report.

6.Use the forward side to try againUploadThis problem should be solved.

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