How to delete a blank page by word

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How to delete a blank page by word

This paper mainly explains 6 kinds of methods of removing blank pages in Word document effectively by Superman software small series test.

Here to explain, because there are a lot of problems in Word blank pages, I do not know what the specific situation is caused, so all the solutions that cause Word blank pages are listed, you can try one by one. This workaround works for all versions of Word.

How to delete a blank page in a Word document A, blank page Delete method on the last page

If the blank page is on the last page, we can first position the cursor to the last page, and then press the "Backspace" or "delete" key on the keyboard to remove the blank page.

How to delete a blank page in a Word document two, delete a page break

Set the word view mode to draft first (note that Word2010 and Word2013 are drafts), 2003, 2007 is set to "normal View"), and then we can see a dashed line, which is the page break, which causes us to have a blank page, delete it, Then go back to the default Page view blank page on the wood.

Ways to delete a blank page in a Word document third, bulk delete multiple blank pages in Word

1. If there are more than one blank page in the document that needs to be deleted, we can use the find substitution to implement it. Use the word shortcut "Ctrl + H" to open the Find replacement window, and then click Advanced or more to select manual page breaks in special formats;

2, and then click Replace All to delete all the blank pages.

Ways to delete a blank page in a Word document four, shift select an entire page and then delete

Position the cursor after the last character on the previous page of a blank page, hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard, and then use the left mouse button to select the entire blank page. Press the DELETE key on the keyboard to delete the blank page.

Ways to delete blank pages in a Word document five, blank sheets

Sometimes after making or inserting a table, the table is too large to occupy an entire page, causing the last carriage return to be deleted on the second page, which becomes a blank page that cannot be deleted. Workaround, we can narrow the table down a bit.

Ways to delete blank pages in a Word document six, reduce line spacing delete blank pages

If only one row of blank pages cannot be deleted, we can first position the cursor on a blank page, then right-click the paragraph, set line spacing to fixed value in the Paragraph dialog box, set the value to 1 points, and then make sure that the blank page is deleted.

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