How to delete an oracle 11g cluster node in a linux and UNIX environment step by step

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 Ing a Cluster Node on Linux and UNIX Systems

1. Check whether the node to be deleted is active or pinned.
$ Olsnodes-s-t

If pinned, crsctl unpin css-n <nodename> unpinned corresponding node

2. Disable the application resources and processes of the corresponding cluster nodes.
Stop em first:
Emctl stop dbconsole

Run rootcrs. pl script as the root user in the $ Grid_home/crs/install path of the node to be deleted

#./Rootcrs. pl-deconfig-force

To delete all nodes:
#./Rootcrs. pl-deconfig-force-lastnode

Sometimes vip resources may not be deleted. You need to manually delete them:
# Srvctl stop vip-I vip_name-f
# Srvctl remove vip-I vip_name-f

3. Execute the following command on other nodes:

Crsctl delete node-n node_to_be_deleted

4. Run the following command on the node to be deleted:
The script is at: $ Grid_home/oui/bin.

$./RunInstaller-updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME = Grid_home "CLUSTER_NODES = {node_to_be_deleted}" CRS = TRUE-silent-local

5. Clear the Clusterware home installation file for the node to be deleted:
$ Grid_home/deinstall-local

Be sure to add the-local option. Otherwise, the Clusterware home installation directory of all nodes will be deleted.

6. Execute the following command on other nodes to update node information:

Script in $ Grid_home/oui/bin

$./RunInstaller-updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME = Grid_home "CLUSTER_NODES = {remaining_nodes_list}" CRS = TRUE-silent

7. Verify that the node to be deleted has been successfully deleted:
$ Cluvfy stage-post nodedel-n node_list [-verbose]

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