How to disable installing applications on your computer

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Method One, run Gpeditmsc Open Group Policy, open the Windows component in the Administrative template, have a Windows installation service, the right thing you look at, the specific method: Run gpeditmsc-> Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Windows Components->ms installer-> Launches "Disable MS Installer" and "Prohibit user Installation"

Windows Installer right window double-click disable Windows Installer check enabled, point OK.

Policy enabled: Disable Add/Remove Programs, then enable the following policy: console-User Configuration-admin templates-System "run only licensed Windows applications", in the "Allowed Applications list" to add applications that allow you to run the restrictions and restrictions on the program

Can be limited in Group Policy, but as long as the user can enter Group Policy, he can still install the file, the set of methods to enter the Group Policy, access to the user rights settings to find the installation file entries Delete all the username.

Method Two, My Computer----right-click Management-----Open Services and applications inside the service------on the right to find Windows Installer-----Double-click to open, change the startup type to disabled.

In this way most installers cannot be installed because he will ban all installers that need to invoke Windows Installer, especially those *msi that are definitely not installed.

Method Three, in the control Panel of the user account inside, set up an account, do not give installation permissions, they want to install the right click to select the Administrator account to run the installation program, some to modify the system files program also use this method to run.

Into the Administrator account:

gpedit.msc-Computer Configuration-windows Settings-security Settings-user rights are assigned under the loading and unloading programs allow trust to be delegated.

Method Four, set user permissions

Encrypt Admin user name create a new user group and let them log into the installation directory with this account will not be used.

Enable multiple user logon, set permissions for each user, preferably only the manager permissions to install the program.

Also, if you are 2000, XP, or 2003 systems, convert the disk format to NTFS format, and then set up the user to set the permissions on each user.

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