How to easily solve the Web site snapshot latency phenomenon

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In the last one months of the optimization work observation, Senior SEO, promotion planning Beshunsan found a strange phenomenon: a large number of Web site snapshots are not in time to update the phenomenon, to so fashion information network as an example: www.***.com, the status of the Web site as shown in the following figure:

As we can see from the above picture, the site contains normal daily, but the site snapshots lag for a full 11 days, but in the previous one months of observation, small side found, Baidu every Friday big update, the site's Baidu snapshot will be normal update, but each time lag 7 days or 11 days. But other aspects of the site are all normal. Articles published every day are still "seconds." However, how do we solve the site Baidu snapshot lag of the situation? Here, Senior website optimization engineer, marketing planning Beshunsan on personal experience to help solve the snapshot lag.

Reasons for snapshot lag check

Site Baidu snapshot lag is undoubtedly because Baidu greatly reduced the friendliness of the site, and Baidu friendly degree of reduction is undoubtedly a few:

(1), the site is not updated for a long period of time or update the content of the amount of suddenly and often less.

(2), the website original content is few, the article readability is poor, the content and the website relevance is not big.

(3), the site recently appeared keyword piling phenomenon.

(4), the site links problems, by the junk friendship links.

(5), the quality or quantity of outside the chain is low, the chain and website topic relevance is too bad.

Find out why .

When we find out the reason is to specific problems to find specific solutions. In this small side summed up a few specific measures:

(1), update original articles or high-quality false original articles, update the number of articles to be unified, avoid more and more suddenly less.

(2), the website content renewal should pay more attention to the user experience degree as well as the practicality. Keep in mind that only the content the user needs can keep each user.

(3), find the Site keyword Stack page, modify the page in time. If the site title and description top of the keyword piling up, must be a little bit to change, should not be drastic changes to the site title and Description section.

(4), daily check the site friendship links, found that there are problems of friendship links to be deleted in time. In addition, we need to exchange more links in related industries. This can make Baidu Spider think your website is more professional, also can increase the density of the website homepage keyword.

(5), outside the chain commissioner in the release chain, must choose good outside the chain release platform. There are two principles in the selection of the external chain publishing platform, that is, the principle of relativity and high weight.

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