How to finish the year-end PPT summary report

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ppt2013 to do the year-end PPT Summary Report method:

The PPT homepage of the atmosphere

PPT Home usually is the longest show time, because before speaking PPT will first put on the first page to prepare. In this way, the quality of the PPT home will directly affect your first impression of the report. Therefore, in doing PPT, the homepage must achieve the atmosphere. For example, in the PPT home to add some more inspiring phrases, or the PPT home design more festive, more in line with the current atmosphere, or, for more formal occasions, design a relatively simple atmosphere of the home page, highlighting the subject of the report can be.

Set up your own thread

Just like writing a document or doing a speech, before the pen must have a plan of thought, which place to say what, what a place to say, what a place to say, according to what order content and so on are strictly planned.

So, before doing ppt, be sure to do a good job of writing sequence planning, in order to ensure the smooth completion of PPT

To account for the results of this year's work

Since is the year-end summary ppt must show oneself this year's work achievement, may through the picture, the text form display, if time allows, also can hyperlink a video, dynamically tells oneself this year's work achievement.

Have a good imagination for the new Year

Summing up the work of this year, we need to have a new year of imagination and planning. This plan must conform to the actual situation of future work development, and put forward a realistic idea.

Add animation effect in PPT

PPT report is a very boring process, in the PPT report process appropriate to add some animation effect, not only can enhance PPT to convey information ability, but also can alleviate the audience's visual and sensory fatigue, let everyone more attentive to listen to your PPT report.

Grasp the proportion of text and pictures

In the PPT report, if the full text is narrative, dense, it is difficult to let people concentrate on your PPT, see will only feel irritable; but if you add too many pictures, it will appear too monotonous, full text is a picture, there is no textual description.

Therefore, in the editing of PowerPoint, we must grasp the proportion of text and pictures, so that the PPT is more fit, comfortable.

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