How to fix galaxytab2 password on a Samsung tablet

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Samsung galaxytab2 forgot the power-on password Solution Problem description: Situation 1. Set the power-on password, forgot, entered multiple times wrong password, unable to enter the system, is equivalent to waste. Case 2. samsung galaxytab2 tablet mobile phone, after buying the password for the boot pattern, the child accidentally changed the pattern, but did not remember, now after the phone opened, the prompt "the pattern tried too many times, the user name or password is invalid. Solution: when the machine is shut down, press the volume + key and press the power key you used to start and shut down. After about 3 seconds, you will see the Samsung logo. At this time, release the power key, however, you still cannot loosen the volume up key until you see that the screen starts to recover (recovery screen appears) 3. Use the volume key to control and select reset \ wipe data, wipe cache, press the power key (dual-Wipe) to reset the machine. 4. Select reboot system now and press the power key. After restarting, you can enter the system (the first entry is slow). You need to reset your personal information. ========================================================== =========== PS:

Some netizens asked Samsung p7500 that the tablet was locked and they could not enter the system. How to unlock? How can I restore a system that cannot be accessed? Generally, you can use the combination key to enter the recovery mode for dual-wipe.
Different machine keys may be different, but the principle is almost the same. You just need to open the host key and combine the volume up/down key several times.


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