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Samsung tablet S2 sm-t813 Open use fingerprint verification Samsung account Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 sm-t813 (6.0.1) supports the use of fingerprints to verify your Samsung account password, using a fingerprint instead of an input password, and if you want to turn on the feature, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Settings".3. Slide the left screen up and click "Lock screen and security".4. Click on

Samsung Tablet PC connected to charger still not powered, how to solve

When your device is running out of power, try to turn it on again, the power needs to reach a certain level before activating the device. It is recommended that you connect the charger to the tablet for at least 30 minutes and try to boot again.Tip: 1. Only the exclusive charger provided by Samsung company can be used. 2. Only charger can be used to charge

Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab? (T550) WLAN connection tutorial

1. Click the set option on the standby interface of the T550 tablet. The following details are displayed.2. You will see a WLAN option on the left of the tablet. Click it.3. Then, on the right side of the wlan, we just need to turn off the slider on the right side, and Display [open] to indicate that the following is turned on, and we want to

How to use the T350 action and gesture on a Samsung tablet

1. On The T350 standby page of the Samsung tablet, click the set button in the desktop system and then click it.2. On the left side of the tablet, you will see a [action and gesture] and click it.3. Click the action and gesture to open the switch on the right side. For example, we will use "mute" here.4. After enabling this function, you can quickly

How to use Tab A (T550) for panoramic shooting on A Samsung tablet

1. Click camera on the standby Tab A (T550) of the Samsung tablet, as shown in the following figure.2. Click the mode option on the camera interface. The details are as follows.3. Then we will see a [panoramic shot] under the mode ].4. Click the panoramic view and then press the camera button on the right.5. Move the device slowly in one direction until the shooting is completed. (Note: If you want to stop

How can I switch the handwriting input method function of Tab S2 on a Samsung tablet? (T810, T710)

The handwriting input method is a feature provided by Samsung tablet. We only need to switch the input method on the information filling interface. The details are as follows.1. Click [application] on the mobile phone interface. The result is as follows:2. Then we can find the [Settings] option. The effect is as follows.3. Then find the language and input here. The result is as follows.4. Click [

Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab S2 or listed in June

News of May 11 that Samsung will launch its new generation of high-end tablet computer Galaxy Tab S2 this June, but there are few news about the tablet. Finally, a few days ago, the @onleaks released a rendering map of the Galaxy Tab S2. From the rendering, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a compact appearance and is rum

How to fix galaxytab2 password on a Samsung tablet

Samsung galaxytab2 forgot the power-on password Solution Problem description: Situation 1. Set the power-on password, forgot, entered multiple times wrong password, unable to enter the system, is equivalent to waste. Case 2. samsung galaxytab2 tablet mobile phone, after buying the password for the boot pattern, the child accidentally changed the pattern, but did

Samsung Tablet PC XE700T1A card reader where XE700T1A card reader location Introduction

In fact, we just look at the interface icon and English Micros know this is the reader interface. Samsung XE700T1A Tablet PC Card reader for mini SD card slot, can only use Mini SD card, standard SD card is not used, the card reader is located on the left of the machine, as shown in the picture: Micros Introduction microSDHC Memory Card –class 4 allows general mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and o

How to restore the Samsung tablet XE700T1C-A01CN with one click

Note: this operation will cause data loss in the partition where the system is located. Back up data first.1. When the Samsung tablet is turned on, a blue background Samsung logo screen will appear. At this time, press the [F4] key on the keyboard to enter the Recovery one-key restoration interface.2. Go to Recovery one-click restoration software, select the Rest

Samsung tablet SM-T713 (6.0.1) how to set the camera volume key

You can set the phone's volume key to a variety of functions, such as the photo key, recording video key, or zoom key. For details, refer to the following procedure.1. In Samsung tablet SM-T713 (6.0.1) we click camera option.2. Click the [Settings] icon on the page to view the effect.3. Click [Volume key function] on the page.4. Click the recording video option on the page.5. Then, find the [ larr;] ico

Samsung tablet t819c How to open use fingerprint website Login

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 sm-t819c (6.0.1) can use registered fingerprint logins to support password-saved Web pages, and if you want to turn on the feature, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Settings".3. Slide up the left-hand list and click "Lock screen and security".4. Click on "Fingerprint".5. Unlock the screen using a preset screen unlock and click "Continue".

What is the network type of the Samsung tablet N5100? Can it be 3 GB?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 adopts the Android 4.1.2 operating system and is equipped with a quad-core 1.6 GHz processor and 2 gb ram to further improve processing speed. It is equipped with a 8 inch wxga hd screen with a resolution of 1280x800, the rear camera is 5 million pixels and the front camera is 1.3 million pixels, which gives you a better entertainment experience.This tablet supports GSM and WCD

How to set an alarm P550 on a Samsung P550 tablet

1. The P550 desktop of the Samsung tablet has a [clock] icon. Click this icon.2. Then find the following "alarm clock" option, that is, the first option (such as timer, world time, stopwatch ),.3. Click date under the alarm, and then fill in other time points as shown in the figure, and then click finish ].4. Click the up and down arrows or move up and down numbers to set the alarm time. (Note: Cl

How can I cancel the key sound of P901 on a Samsung tablet? How to cancel the tone of a dial-up keyboard

1. In the tablet, we click on the "Application" as shown in the following image (in fact, I can click the settings directly.)2. Then click the "Set" icon in the lower-right corner, as shown in the picture.3. Then in the pop-up interface, we click on the "Device" button shown in the following image.4. Then we'll see there's a "sound" option here, and click on it to enter as shown in the picture.5. Then you'll see a dial-tone keyboard option here.6. If

Win8 how to turn on tablet Input Panel

1, first confirm whether to open the tablet computer components, open the Control Panel, select "Program and Function"; 2, click "Enable or turn off Windows features"; 3, check whether the "tablet computer components", if not checked, please tick, and then prompted to restart the computer; 4, in the taskbar blank place to ri

Win7 how to turn off Tablet PC Input Panel

1. When you turn on your computer, you will see an icon appear below your computer. 2. Click on the computer's Start button to open the Control Panel. 3. Find the program and function in the Control Panel, click. 4. In the upper left corner, click Turn on or off the Windows feature. 5. It may take a long time to open for the first time, be patient, wait f

Samsung S5 g9008w How to turn on LEDs? g9008w Turn on LED indicator

1. The opening step is to click on the mobile desktop "application-set-show-led led" step by step into the following figure. Then we'll just have to operate the light as shown in the picture above.The representative meaning of different color LEDs:Blue light Flashing: There are no phone calls or unread messages.The blue light is often bright: the mobile phone restarts or switches the machine.Red light flashing: When the charge is less than 15%.The red light is always bright: we all know that ch

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab a turn on the intelligent hibernate feature? (T350)

1. Under the Samsung Galaxy Tab a desktop, click "Settings" as shown in the following image, this is the second screen that we slide the screen to the right, if there is no can be in the first screen click on the application management and then go to find the setting is the same. 2. In the setup we find the "Show" option and click it to find the following figure. 3. In the display interface on the right side of the

Samsung G6000 Mobile phone where does the flashlight turn on? (Galaxy On7)

Turn on the flashlight, you can in the evening lighting, in fact, is very simple, this phone as long as the notice menu in Samsung to pull down on it, the specific operation details are as follows: 1. Under the Samsung G6000 standby page, drop down the top curtain of the screen, the following red box interface. 2. Slide fast to the left, as shown in

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