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When playing computer or watching TV, it is better to turn on the light or turn off the light. Life and Health

Turn on the lights and turn off the lantern directly affect the background brightness when watching TV. When watching TV, if you turn off all the lights, the background will be very dar

How do Samsung phones turn off camera sounds? Turn off the camera sound method

To turn off the camera's shutter tone, follow these steps to 1. Under the Standby page, click "Camera". 2. Click on the "Set" icon on the screen. 3. Slide up the screen, click on the "shutter" right slider, gray rep off. When you do this, the shutter tone does not ring even when you take a picture with the camera in sound mode.Note: If you set the

Win10 How does the notebook turn off hibernation mode? Win10 how to turn off hibernation mode

Win10 How does the notebook turn off hibernation mode? Newly bought laptops are generally equipped with WINDWOS10 home version operating system. How do we turn off the sleep mode of a notebook computer because it automatically sle

Samsung notebook NP-Q460-JS01CN How to turn off the numeric keypad

1. On the right side of the keyboard a few keys to the lower left corner marked with numbers, as shown below: 2. When the digital keyboard is turned on, press the keyboard "U" "I" "O" and so on the letter key, will correspond to appear "4" "5" "6" and so on digital display. 3. By pressing the Samsung shortcut key "FN" + "F11" can turn off the numeric keypad

How do Samsung 300TZC computers turn off the machine quickly?

Because the Start menu is canceled in the Windows 8 operating system, the user is not able to turn off the computer in the usual way, and when we do not use the computer, we can shut down the machine in accordance with the following two ways:  Method One: 1. Press the keyboard "WIN" + "C" key combination to open the Super button. 2. Click "Settings" in the lower-right corner of the Super butt

Samsung G6000 Mobile Phone Click mode is what? How do I turn on click mode?

The previous description of what the procedure click Mode is, the following we want to introduce is the click Mode Open, because the Samsung mobile phone models have a click mode so here is not too much to introduce other useless things, we go directly to the topic to see How to open the click

Serv_u to turn off passive mode (PASV), use port mode to connect to FTP solutions _FTP Server

Problem performance: When using FLASHFXP or passing things, you must turn off passive mode, otherwise you cannot connect, the client always prompts when connecting ftp: "PORT mode is successful, please update your site configuration file"! Reason Analysis: Firewall or Serv-u port with no open passive

How does the WIN8 system turn off the UEFI boot mode? Method of WIN8 system shutdown UEFI Boot mode

Computer pre-installed Windows8 want to change to Windows7, but a lot of user feedback why each installation failed? In fact, this is caused by the motherboard boot mode open. The workaround is simple, so just turn off the UEFI boot to fix the problem. How does the WIN8 system turn

Samsung Galaxy E7 How do I turn on click mode? (E7000)

1. Click Mode function is used to do what I do not introduce, we now directly into the mobile desktop, and then click the "Application." 2. Then we click "Set" again. 3. Well, that's fine, and now we're going to click "Accessibility" to open it. 4. Click "click Mode" to tick it. 5. Take the alarm clock as an example, when the alarm clock sounded, if you want to

Samsung W2016 How to turn on night keyboard mode

Samsung W2016 supports night-time keyboard mode, and the keyboard will be lit from 17:00 to 7:00 the next day after this mode is turned on. To turn on this feature, you can follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Settings".2. Slide up the screen and click "Show".3. Slide up the screen and click on the "sli

Oracle turn on/off archive mode

. SQL> Alter DatabaseNoarchivelog; The database has changed. SQL> Alter Database Open; the database has changed. SQL>ArchiveLoglist; database log mode non-archive mode AutoArchive disable archive endpoint use_db_recovery_file_dest oldest online log sequence8Current log sequenceTenSQL> SelectName,log_mode fromv$Database; NAME Log_mode--------- ------------ORCL Noarchivelogsql>3. Archive related commandsSelec

WIN8 flight mode easy to turn off wireless networks

Microsoft Windows 8 Adds a number of mobile operating system features, such as flight mode (Airplane mode), which can easily turn off all of the PC's wireless signals. More and more wireless networks today, in addition to Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth connectivity and mobile broadband connection, etc., in the need to uni

Set global read_only=0; Turn off read-only, you can read and write set global read_only=1; Start Read Only mode

mysql> set global read_only=0; Query OK, 0 rows Affected (0.00 sec) mysql> show variables like '%read_only% '; +------------------+-------+ | Variable_name | Value | +------------------+-------+ | innodb_read_only | Off | | read_only | Off | | tx_read_only | Off | +------------------+-------+ 3 rows in Set (0.00 sec) mysql> set global read_o

WINDOWS10 installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.4 Community enu Chinese Language pack error, prompt "" Program compatibility mode is turned on. "To turn it Off" workaround

language in the tools-options-Regional SettingsAlso on the Internet to see a way to make offline language packs, as well as record:The following content reproduced, the original link: about how to make an offline installation package, download it to the Vs_langpack.exe, and run it with the command line:Vs_langpack.exe/layoutThen choose the save location.Ready-to-Instal

Win8 How to turn demo mode on or off

Win8 to turn demo mode on or off is as follows: 1, the system under the same time press the "Windows" and "X" key to open the System menu, select "Control Panel" in the menu. 2, in the "Control Panel" in the upper-right corner of the "View", select "Small icon", in the "Adjust computer settings," Select "Windows Mobility Center." 3, "Demo setting

MyEclipse how to set or turn off breakpoint debugging automatically jumps into debug mode

Tags: should breakpoint debug win process deb IPs spec Cat debug modeEncounter a very hole in the MyEclipse (Eclipse should also be the same) development process, break point debugging, initially will pop up a popup box, let you choose whether to enter the debug mode, the result accidentally point a remember the choice, and then choose Yes, the results of each breakpoint debugging, MyEclipse will jump to debug mod

How does Samsung i9158p activate developer options? i9158p how to turn on USB debug mode

1. We want to turn on this USB debug we need to go into the phone to "application".2. As shown in the picture we open the application and then click the "Set" inside.3. This will go to an interface we click on the inside of "more" and then click on "About the device" as shown in the following figure. 4. Furthermore, after clicking on the "build number" 7 below, I will see that a "developer mode

Windows 7 Turn off sleep (hibernate) mode and delete hibernation files

sound" optionIn the Win7 Control Panel, click the "Hardware and sound" option3. Click "Power Options"Continue tapping "Power Options"4. Click "Change plan Settings"In power options, tap change plan settings5. After the "Put the computer to sleep" option, select: Never-click "Save Changes" as shownTurn off the Sleep (Hibernate) feature of Windows 7Note the problem:If you are a laptop, here are 2 options, namely: battery, power on, in these 2 options,

Win7 system How to set a key to turn off or open hibernation mode

1. Click the Start button on the desktop and click "All Programs"-"accessories" from the Start menu, then right-click "Notepad" and choose to run as Administrator; 2, in the Win7 Open Notepad window, enter the appropriate command to execute. For example, if you want to turn off the Hibernate feature, enter the @powercfg-h off command. If you want to restart the

How to turn off the Millet 4c anti-touch mode

1, we just click on the mobile phone "settings", and then enter the Millet 4C mobile interface, the effect is as follows: 2, then in the Setup interface to find "lock screen and password", click to enter, as shown in the following image: 3, finally in the lock screen and password interface below see "anti-touch Mode" option, click the Next button to close it, as shown in the following figure: All right, so we're done.

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