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SVN full name is subversion, is a sub-project of Apache, the specific ability to SVN Chinese site ( to the next. Google Code is an open source code plan of Google, which includes source code hosting. It provides a server for saving, sharing, and managing source code. Everyone can create their own projects. For the size of the space, see:

I think most projects are enough.

Prepare tools
  1. TortoiseSVN- (Explorer plug-in)
  2. Subeclipse (Eclipse plug-in)
Get Link

Google asked a Google open source project site, for example:, select the source tab, will display:

Therefore, the ingress address is:HTTP: //

You can then use tortoisesvn or the subeclipse plug-in to download the project source code to your local device. If you log on to your Google account and have the permission to change the project, you will be prompted:

Use https to check out all the code, and then you can prepare for collaborative development of the project. Of course, in this way, you will be requested username and password during connection, I cannot ask why I got the password page in China due to DNS resolution. I can go through the wall to get it, or:

In the file C:/Windows/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts, add?

Download Code

Here we will explain how to use subeclipse. First, create a new project, and then right-click the project-team-share project...

Select SVN and next:

Select "Create a new data source" and then click Next:

Enter the address. Note that only the HTTP protocol is used, and the HTTPS protocol has higher permissions:

This step is not explained:

Every update of code files requires gaze to facilitate the record and reading by others. Of course, you can skip this step.

Click Finish.


The following uses Google closure as an example. (Click to go to the Google closure download homepage)

1. Download tortoisesvn and install it. (Click to download)

2. Create a directory on the desktop, right-click SVN checkout...

3. Fill in the URL of repository column:
Click OK to download.

4. Open the directory you just created to see if the closure library has been downloaded!


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