How to improve employees ' quality consciousness?

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Whenever I talk to a friend Quality Management, friends will ask me "How to improve the quality of staff awareness?" ”。  So how do I improve the quality of staff awareness, this article on this topic specifically to do a description. "Take the thief first" this is a common military word, in fact, can also be used in the workplace. To improve the quality awareness of employees, the first to persuade the company's highest leadership, let him take the lead to improve quality awareness.  If the highest leader can do it, other department leaders can do it, and the leadership of the department can do the rest of the company. First talk about how I "Catch the Thief First", our company certification HACCP system, I borrowed the strength of training teachers to let the general manager to the workshop and everyone to wash hands, change hats, workClothing, Boots, and then follow the handwashing procedure to finish before entering the workshop. Everyone saw the general manager do this, who dares not to do? Training time is about 10 days, each training teacher, general manager and we have to do so in order to enter the workshop. After the system passed the certification, I organize the general manager and each department leader every month to check the workshop, check the health and safety facilities and so on, each time to go in accordance with this procedure, so from the general manager, the Department of Leadership and all personnel follow this procedure. And with the first three months under my supervision, this awareness of strengthening the training of all is brought up. (Of course, there are other ancillary measures, if interested can be explored separately) "Copy Dell" This is a concept that I learned when I was in the company's training. ("Copy Dell" is a model of the company's personnel management, a person to be promoted, must first in his own team to replicate the other self to undertake the work he is currently engaged in, So that I can get a promotion. I use this concept to the company's production staff and quality management of the selection up, production managers and quality managers to get a promotion, will first copy out a self, and to appreciate the first factor is the high quality consciousness. I have been very appreciative of the quality of the first company to the degree of attention (specific reasons for the inconvenience of explanation). The same level of the company's quality management staff pay more than the same level of production management staff wages are higher, and production management staff can be transferred to do quality management personnel, which also means a promotion. In this company production department personnel want to go to quality Control Department, quality control status is relatively high, production department staff compared to listen to quality control Department of Quality control, plus the company gave quality control staff several rights to supervise the production department employees. (a) The first right to stop production, the second right to evaluate the quality of health indicators, and the third to determine whether the weight of the finished product meets the company's required rights (the company in order to promote production staff enthusiasm and the awareness of saving resources, each product has a loss, if the production department in the production process of higher rate, exceeding the loss limit,  will be subject to an excess of 50% of the value of the reward, if the QC in the sampling process found not to meet the internal standards once, will withhold all-month production bonuses). "By the system to control people", in the company has a very sound evaluation system, both reward and punishment, but the reward is greater than the punishment. The company's benefits were at the forefront of the city, and employees were reluctant to leave. Every employee work hard, plus the company to sign a contract every year, everyone is worried about the end of the year when signing a contract without their own contracts. Therefore, employees usually respect their own leadership and obey the command. That's the main reason I've been missing this company.

How to improve employees ' quality consciousness?

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