How to unify the IDE's code during the learning process!

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Learning each language will encounter coding problems, because the program to run the environment is not the same,

At the beginning of the learning PHP use, EditPlus, I installed the default use of ANSI encoding, then did not know,

In some of the programming process, found a variety of garbled, can not solve, no mood to get, several things get half of it did not get,

Because the code is too messy, useful ANSI, GBK, GBK, utf-8, change the way the browser encoding, a normal display, before the garbled,

So get up very laborious, simply give up, just do half after left, fortunately oneself is a perseverance of people,

After the contact with Phpstorm and notepad++ later found open the previous file, Chinese garbled,

So directly with notepad++ directly change the previous file encoding, all with Utf-8 no BOM format encoding,

Then try to open the previous file, yes!

The process of learning, inevitably encountered a variety of problems, not because of a temporary solution can not be discouraged and give up, temporarily put aside, in the future study,

Inadvertently you will find that the original is so, suddenly enlightened, the basic will not cause this problem, the use of a new IDE first thing is to configure the appropriate compilation environment

As for how to set the specific compiler environment, but also to explore, after all, self-learning ability is so cultivated,

Previously did not write the habit of blogging, now feel this is very good, this record of their own growth experience!

Every day to improve a little, four or five days to share a blog, learning is a slow process!

How to unify the IDE's code during the learning process!

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