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The author found that a lot of friends in the browser to see the Web page of the major sites, will find that some of their own use traces are recorded by the Web page, how can these traces to delete it?

The way to delete a site's history is as follows:

First, open the IE browser main program, and then click the tools in the menu bar to select and open the Internet option.

Then, click to open the Regular tab, then click to erase History, delete cookies, delete files three buttons, and clear IE record.

Finally, click on the Content tab, select Automatic completion, clear the form.

Operation Demo:

1. Use the browser's own features to delete page history. Generally speaking, such as IE, Firefox, such as the browser is to delete the Web page history. Let's take IE as an example today to teach you how to delete a page history.

Right-click on Internet Explorer, select Properties, click Delete on the General tab, and then tick the delete button and click Delete. Other browsers can also find the ability to delete the page history, no longer one by one elaborated.

2. In addition to the browser's own delete function, we can also use the Macro Shield garbage file Cleanup tool to delete the page history. Open a key cleanup tool for the macro shield, select the check in front of the "browser file" and choose "one-click cleanup" so that the annoying page history can be deleted cleanly. This method is simple and fast, it is recommended to use.

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