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This article describes how to make your website the focus of Google search. If you are a website technician, you will gain some benefits after reading this article.

1. Let Google find you

If you search for a certain type of keywords, the first few webpages with the keywords are not portals such as Sohu, Sina, and 163, but other websites with outstanding professionalism, or even websites you have never heard, he has always ranked first in a large portal website, or the website domain name is. org ,. edu and other non-commercial companies. com.

How did they do it?

1. Connection importance

Suppose someone has published an excellent article, while others have repeatedly quoted the content of this excellent article, or mentioned this article, then we can think of this excellent article, in a certain field, it is authority. This is Google's central idea of web page ranking. Whoever is authoritative or focuses is ranked first.

If a website has a friendly connection to the Sohu homepage, the content keyword in the homepage of the website will be greatly improved in Google (even if no one clicks this connection, ). Similarly, if you connect to many well-known websites, your website will soon be promoted. I don't encourage readers to advertise on such portals, but I just want to explain that connection is everything.

Sohu has been operating for at least six years, and Google has a high rating on many of its webpages. Currently, Sohu's homepage rating is 7/10. Sohu is equivalent to an authority. In this authority, Google will assume that the content referenced by the Authority is definitely not a fake, therefore, Google will also increase its comments on your webpage.

Otherwise, if you make a friendly connection to a website that does not pass the name (Google has a low rating on the webpage), the effect is almost no. Because the idea of Google ranking is authority first, the rest will be put behind.

Recommended Methods:
A large number of exchange connections with other websites, preferably websites with high Google rating;
Find the dead connection of the website, because they will destroy the image of the website in goolge's mind;
Enhance the quality of webpage content, because they will bring more clicks and reference rates to your website, and therefore increase Google's comments on modifying the webpage.
Note: For Google's evaluation of web pages, you need to download the Google Toolbar. The PageRank above indicates the evaluation value.

2. Let Google know you

Even if your webpage has made a lot of high-quality connections and is cited by most authorities, Google may not be able to recognize you if your webpage is not properly designed to handle some technical details, this wastes your resources.


The title of the webpage. The title of a webpage is the same as a person's name. If your webpage does not have a title field, goolge will be hard to identify;

Keywords and descriptions of webpages. Although these two items are gradually ignored by Google, they are still valuable. You 'd better enter the keywords and descriptions of the webpage in the keywords and Description fields of the webpage.

Use as few flash animations and images as possible. If your connection appears in the form of flash or images, Google will be hard to identify the connection, that is, it is in vain. Although Google claims to be identifiable, the actual results are not satisfactory. Therefore, the connection in the webpage is preferably a text connection. If you must use flash or images to beautify your webpage, we recommend that you do Flash or images, make a text connection elsewhere on the webpage.

The connection is correct. Note This when eliminating dead connections. In addition, if the webpage is a dynamic webpage, such as news. asp? Id = 95, or in other languages, such as news. jsp? Id = 95, new. do? Id = 95 and so on, these webpages are difficult to be recognized by Google. Although Google claims that they can quickly identify these dynamic webpages, the actual results are not ideal, zhonglin, a thief, strongly recommends converting all dynamic webpages into static webpages HTML (don't hit me, don't hit me, tens of thousands of dollars a ton of eggs ). Of course, you are not allowed to directly change the webpage to the HTML format, because the workload is unacceptable. Apache and IIS servers both have a re_write module that can automatically convert the webpage, I will introduce this in detail below.

2. Google follows the details of your website design

1. Create a website Map

Website maps have two advantages: one is to facilitate readers to navigate the website, and the other is to facilitate Google's search for your webpage.

When Google searches for your website, there is an entry, usually the homepage of your website, and then searches one by one based on the connections on the homepage, add the correct search results to the database. Therefore, a website needs a connection group that can accommodate up to all webpages on your website. The best way is to create a website map and enter the connection address of the main topic of your website. Google does not search your website for a file named sitemap.html. Therefore, attackers strongly recommend that you copy the connection code of the website map to the home page. In this way, goolge will read most of your website connections at one time when searching for the home page.

In addition, if your homepage is a flash or an image, goolge may not be able to properly search for your website connection. Therefore, you should try to connect as many pages as possible, however, the connection format is preferably text connection.

2. re_write

Currently, more common dynamic web pages include ASP, PHP, JSP, shtml, JHTML, CGI ...... there are even some defined items, such as aspx, do, index, and hello. Format: News. asp? Id = 95. Zhong Lin, a thief, suggested that readers convert the content into news/95.html through re_write to facilitate Google's recognition of the changed webpage.

Re_write is a module in IIS. You can download it at, which contains related installation instructions.

When you need to change news. jsp? When id = 95 is mapped to news/95.html, you only need to set the httpd. ini file:
Rewriterule/news/(/d +)/. html/news/. jsp /? Id = $1 [N, I]
In this way, requests such as/news/95.html are mapped to/news. jsp? Id = 95

Then you write <ahref = '/news/95.html'> 95 news </a> at the connection.
If your news is read cyclically through the database, the statement is as follows:
While (Rs. Next ())
Stringid = (string) Rs. getstring ('id ');
Out. Print ('<ahef ='/news/'{id}'.html> ');
Out. Print ('95 News ');
Out. Print ('</a> ');

If you are processing data paging, the statement is as follows:

More _ <% = Page % >_< % = type %>. html (Note: page is the page turning page and type is the data type)
Format: more_000095.html

If the next page is turned over, it is: more_2_95.html. To continue the next page loop, it is:
More_3_95.html, and so on.

However, you need to add the following code to the httpd. ini file:
Rewriterule/more _ (/d +)/. html/JSP/more/. jsp /? Page = $1 & type = $2 [N, I]

If your dynamic program has multiple parameters to be passed, add multiple parameters (/d +) as follows:

Rewriterule/more _ (/d +)/. html/JSP/more/. jsp /? Page = $1 & type = $2 & type2 = $3 [N, I]

Can refer to my website "9 to 5 page flip processing in the form of: more_rj95.html

3. Join Google

1. log on to the website

Go to Google to register your website at Of course, Google will not allow any website to log on. Your homepage must be accessible, and the content must be healthy, and the content should not be too small. Otherwise, Google will not pass.

Even if Google passes your registration request, it will not notify you, and you will not be able to immediately know whether it has passed. Generally, you will know the answer within one month, because Google's review and registration of the new site will not take effect immediately. However, we can use this method to determine whether your website has been registered:
Enter site: www. Your Website. com in the search box of Google.
If the query result is 0, it indicates that Google has not registered your website, or: note, or your homepage has an exception, or your homepage has used a framework, or your homepage has no title or keyword, or if your homepage contains too few content, these factors will make your webpage unidentifiable by Google, even if you have already passed the registration review.

2. Verify if your webpage is indexed by Google

Enter the URL of Your webpage directly in the goolge search box. If the query result is 0, it indicates it is not included.

3. Verify if your webpage is updated by Google

Google will update your website information in his database within one month. Of course, if Google reviews your webpage more than four, this time will be shortened to 1 week. If you have installed a Google Toolbar, you can use the "cached web page snapshot" function to query the expiration information of the current Google Page.

Note: The homepage updated by Google is 1-3 days, and other webpages on the website are 1-36 days.

4. Google's preferences and deferences

When Google loses its temper, if your website's homepage or other webpages cannot be opened, or your webpage contains unhealthy content, Google will lower its comments, if the rating of the web page keeps falling, Google will delete your website information in its database.

Google does not like the framework. If your webpage uses the framework, Google will ignore its existence and refuse to add the webpage information to the database. Google prefers HTML files, so all information searches take HTML as the first, while dynamic web pages such as ASP, PHP, JSP, and even some custom do, action, and hello are all listed below. Google does not like Js. Although everyone uses it to read data, since Google hates JS, we cannot, because the content in JS cannot be recognized by Google, therefore, if you insist on using JS, it is best not to store important information in Js.

5. Google intra-Site Search

By default, the Google search box is used to search all content on the Internet (WWW). If your website has been indexed by Google, you can perform a Google site search. That is to say, search for all your website information in the Google database. For example, if you enter a keyword on your website and use the Google search function, all the webpages related to the keyword will appear on goolge.

If your website has been indexed by Google and is operating well, we recommend that you create a Google intra-site search function. Zhonglin, a thief, provides a simple method to implement this function. Copy the code to Your webpage:

<Formname = formaction = method = post
Target = '_ blank'>
Keywords: <inputmaxlength = 255 size = 15 name = Key> <input type = submit value = Search>
<Inputtype = 'did' name = 'id' value = 'www '>

When copying code, change the URL in value = 'www 'to your url. You can directly write www. Your URL. com without adding http.

You can see that the form is submitted to my website '9 to 5 '. My website program submits the information you entered to Google, and finally Google displays the information you searched. If Google does not search for the keyword you entered, it indicates that Google has not added the keyword for your website to its database, it may also be that your website has not logged on to the Google database. Another possibility is that Google searches for information 1-30 days ago, the information you added in the last 30 days, Google's future and the information added to his database.

6. Other factors affecting rankings

Another important factor affecting the ranking is the time of your webpage. If the page generation time is closer, the ranking will be ahead (note: this is not the only factor ). However, Baidu search ( is very important in terms of time factors. Even if goolge's evaluation of the modified webpage is lower than that of other webpages, if the webpage time is recent, it will be shown in Baidu's first place.

The homepage is automatically updated, not the homepage data is automatically updated, but the entire file is automatically updated. If you use ASP, PHP, and JSP to automatically update the homepage by reading the database, the data on the homepage is updated instead of the homepage file, google and Baidu view the Update Time of the home page file.

Here I will introduce a method to keep the homepage updated. The homepage is automatically generated using Java:
Step 1. Read all the data on your homepage and store it through Io. If your homepage needs to read database records, you can read database information by reading SQL and write text HTML through Io control.

The above two steps can be used to update the home page, but they are not automatically updated from time to time. To update automatically, You can trigger an event. When an event is triggered, perform steps 1 and 2. The "9 to 5" trigger event of my website is that once a new article is published on the website, the homepage update event is triggered. Many new articles are published on the website every day, which means that the homepage of the website is updated every day and its homepage files are always the latest.

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