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How to search by Google
After reading the title of this article, some people may feel that there is no value, not to search, or to have any profound knowledge. Indeed, for the hacker profession, the technical content of this article is not very high. But it can give you a path to the bright future. As the ancients said: "to do good deeds, you must first sharpen your tools ". In my opinion, the search function cannot be underestimated by hackers. It is like an invisible lamp that helps you identify the dark path. Next I will pass on my search knowledge to you, hoping to help you.

Google is one of my first software contacts. In addition to Google, there are many other search software, such as Baidu, yisearch, Yahoo, and Sohu. However, Google is the most widely used product. After all, Google is ahead of similar products in terms of functionality and popularity.

First, we need to understand why we need to search? What is the purpose of the search? How to search?

Because today's society is a society with rapid development of knowledge, if you want to achieve great achievements in this society, you should obtain and use the latest knowledge at the fastest speed and efficiency. Take the hacker profession as an example. If you want to intrude into others' computers or steal secret files from a company, you will use many different methods and tools. However, many tools cannot be developed by relying on your own strength. Therefore, you must search for them ". By searching, you can get the tools you want in the shortest time, and these tools are the latest. In this way, your goal is half done.

Next I will teach you how to search:

1. usage of the logical relationship "and". "Or". "Non:

The foundation is the most important, and nothing is nonsense. First, you must know the usage of "and". "Or". "Not", which is quite common in your search.

And: used to search for two or more things, they exist at the same time. For example, if you want to search for gray pigeons and black holes, you need to use this logical relationship. Input Method: "gray pigeon and black hole". The gray pigeon and black hole will appear on the Web page you want to search for at the same time.

Or: used to search for two or more things, which are independent of each other. As in the preceding example, if the input method is "gray pigeon or black hole", the gray pigeon and black hole will appear on the Web page you want to search for separately.

Non: If you want to search for things that you do not want to search for appear at the same time, you need to use non. For example, if you only want to search for the gray pigeon and do not want the black hole to appear in your search range, you need to enter "the gray pigeon is not a black hole" and only the information of the gray pigeon is displayed, the black hole information is not displayed.

In fact, "and ". "or ". "not" can be used in combination. For example, the gray pigeon and the black hole are not Radmin, which means all messages about the gray pigeon and the black hole do not contain Radmin, you can also set "and ". "or ". non-sequential replacement.

If you think Chinese is too troublesome, you can use the following symbols instead.

And = + OR = or not =-

Note: The "+-" is the one in English and only occupies one character. There must also be letters or in upper case, because the lower case "or" will be ignored during query. Note that Google has no limit on the size of English characters. The search results for "good" and "good" are the same.

2. wildcard "*" "?" Usage:

Many search engines Support wildcard numbers. For example, "*" represents a series of characters, "?" Represents a single character. However, what surprised me is that Google does not support wildcards at all. It can only perform exact queries. the keyword "*" or "?" Will be ignored.

3. Search the entire sentence

Google's keywords can be phrases (without spaces in the middle) or sentences (with spaces in the middle). However, if a sentence is used as a keyword, an English quotation mark must be added.

For example, search for the sentence I am a boy.
Method: "I am a boy"
Result: about 1,040,000 items in the simplified Chinese Web page match the I am a boy query results. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.54 seconds)

4. Restrict the websites to be searched

"Site" indicates that the search results are limited to a specific website or website channel, such as "". "", or a domain name such as "". "com. If you want to exclude a website or a page with a domain name, you only need to use "-website/domain name ".

For example, search for all the pages on the Chinese education website ( that contain "gray pigeon.
Method: "grey pigeon site:"
Result: a total of 5,380 items in the simplified Chinese web page of meet the query results of the gray pigeon. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.12 seconds)

For example, search for the website of the hacker base forum that contains "gray pigeon" and "black hole,
Method: "site:"
Result: a total of 4,860 items in the simplified Chinese web page of meet the query results of the gray pigeon black hole. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 1.05 seconds)

Note: The colon after site is an English character and cannot contain spaces after the colon. Otherwise, "site:" is used as a search keyword. In addition, the website domain name cannot have an "HTTP" or "www" prefix, nor any "/" directory suffix; the website channel is limited to "channel name. domain Name, rather than domain name/channel name. For example, the syntax of "site:" is incorrect.

5. The search keyword is included in the URL link.

The webpage link returned by the "inurl" syntax contains the first keyword, and the following keyword appears in the link or webpage document. Many websites display a type of resource names with the same attributes in the directory name or webpage name, such as "MP3 ". "gallary" and so on, you can use the inurl syntax to find the relevant resource links, and then use the second keyword to determine whether a specific item exists. The biggest difference between inurl syntax and Basic Search syntax is that the former can usually provide very accurate topic information.

For example, search for midimp3 "hackers ".
Method: "inurl: MP3 hacker"
Result: About 3,280 items in the simplified Chinese Web page comply with inurl: MP3 hacker query results. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.82 seconds)

For example, find information about computer security on the website of the hacker base.
Search: "inurl: Computer Security site:"
Method: In the Simplified Chinese web page of, there is a total of 1 items that comply with inurl: Computer Security query results, the following is 1st-1 items. (The search time is 0.46 seconds)

Note: "inurl:" cannot be followed by spaces. Google does not search for URL symbols such. For example, Google treats "/" in "cgi-bin/phf" as a space.

The link to the webpage returned by the "allinurl" syntax contains all the key words. The keyword for this query is only the link string of the webpage.

For example, find a company website that may have phf security vulnerabilities. The CGI-BIN directories of these websites usually contain the phf script program (which is insecure), represented in the Link "Domain Name/cgi-bin/phf ".
Method: "allinurl:" cgi-bin "phf + COM"
Result: about 37 query results have been searched for allinurl: "cgi-bin" phf + COM. From the Internet. This is item 1-10. The search time is 0.36 seconds.

6. search keywords are included in the webpage title

The usage of "intitle" and "allintitle" is similar to the preceding inurl and allinurl, but the latter queries the URL, while the former queries the title bar of the webpage. The webpage title is a part of the HTML markup language title. One principle of web page design is to express the key content of the home page in a concise language in the webpage title. Therefore, you can query only the title bar and usually find a topic page with a high correlation rate.

For example, search for the album of Zhou Huimin, a Chinese star.
Method: "intitle: Zhou Huimin photo"
Result: About 9,620 items in the simplified Chinese Web page comply with the intitle: Zhou Huimin's query results. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.77 seconds)

7. Query Information from the cache page on the Google Server

"Cache" is used to search for the cache of a page on a Google server. It is usually used to find some dead-link webpages that have been deleted. It is equivalent to using the "webpage snapshot" function on the general search result page.

For example, search for the homepage of the hacker base Forum cached by Google
Method: "cache:"

Google has previewed various websites and archived snapshots of webpages.
This webpage may have an updated version. Click here to view the new version. Google has nothing to do with the webpage author and is not responsible for the webpage content.

8. Search for pages with the same structure as a page

"Related" is used to search webpages with similar structure content.
For example, search for all pages similar to the hacker base homepage.
Method: "related: ".
Result: About 31 query results are similar to those of The following are 1st-10 query results. (The search time is 0.50 seconds)

9. Info

Info is used to display a series of searches related to a link. It provides the cache. Link. Related and webpage functions that fully contain the link.

For example, search for information related to the home page of the hacker base.
Method: "info:"
Result: The webpage information of displayed.
Suggestion: you do not need to click "Search" and press the Enter key to save time.

-= Hacker base =-Hacker News from the world's largest Chinese hacker site★Hacker software★Hacker Forum★Hacker blog★Hacker Training★Hacker tools★Hacker attack and defense★Hacker Animation★Hacker tips★Hacker★Super Large professional hacker Learning and Training Base ●█ phone 010) 51669144 QQ: 961028 address: china * Beijing § hacker § base § hacker base § attack § intrusion § cracking § vulnerability § scan § share § Trojan § virus §...

Google provides the following URL Information:

View the archives of a Google snapshot.
Search for webpages with /#
Link to
Search for webpages linked to
Search for webpages that contain " /"

10. Image Search

Google's image search function is a great invention !! Google claimed to be able to retrieve 320,000,000 images and said it was "the best image search tool on the Internet ".

On the Google homepage, click "image" to go to the Google image search interface " ". You can

Enter a keyword to describe the image content in the key field, such as "Britney into S", and a large number of pictures of little sweet branney will be searched. I am not very clear about the picture arrangement standards yet. However, it seems that the image file names fully match the keyword results before the comparison, and then they are arranged according to the standard during normal page search.

The search results provided by Google have an intuitive Thumbnail (thumbnail) and a simple description of the thumbnail, such as the file name and size. Click the thumbnail. The page is divided into two tabs. The upper part is the thumbnail of the image and the page Link. The lower part is the page where the image is located. There is a "Remove frame" button in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can quickly switch the frame page to the result page of a single frame, which is very convenient.

Currently, Google Image Search supports the following syntaxes: "+", "-", "or", "Site", and "filetype ".

This feature has been canceled and cannot be found.

11. Search in the directory

If you do not want to search for a wide range of web pages, but want to find some special websites, you can visit Google's classification directory " com/", Chinese directory " /". The classification directory used by Google currently uses ODP content. "Open Directory Project" is a large public webpage directory hosted by Netscape. Voluntary editors around the world will review and select webpages and classify them according to their nature and content. Therefore, a search in a directory category usually has a higher hit rate. In addition, Google sorts the websites that log on to the directory based on its professional PageRank technology, which makes the general search more efficient.

For example, find an academic article about hackers.
Method: first enter the Simplified Chinese Classification directory, then go to the "more" subdirectory, and select the "academic article" option. Enter "hacker" in the search box to search.
Results: About 4,950 Academic Searches match the hacker's query results. The following table lists the 1-10 results. (The search time is 0.05 seconds)

As you can see, the above query results are more effective than normal searches, because the search in academic articles removes a lot of irrelevant invalid information such as news. However, for Chinese users, the biggest problem now is that there are too few volunteers to edit Chinese directories, resulting in too few sites to be included, so the search results are too narrow. I hope this problem can be improved with the popularity of Google and ODP projects in China.

12. English word explanation

When writing an English article, the biggest headache is that you are not sure about the usage of an English word. Now with Google, everything can be solved! You can use online dictionaries to find the meaning of a new word or to understand its usage. Enter Google in English and enter the words you want to search. For example, I want to check the usage of suggest. The result is as follows: "searched the web for suggest. results 1-10 of about 8,000,000. search took 0.08 seconds. "NOTE: In the above sentence, there is a horizontal line under the word suggest. Click this link to jump to another website", googlehas submitted the single word to the website's query script. Let's take a look at the detailed explanations provided by this website.

13. webpage Translation

You know English, but you don't know German, French, or Latin. What should I do if the searched pages are in these languages? Haha, Google provides the webpage translation function !! Although only limited Latin, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese are currently supported, I have to admit that this is an outstanding feature. Try the following search: "Big Bang site: FR ". This indicates searching for the French webpage about the Big Bang. See the first result: the Big Bang website-[translate this page]
... A propos de Big Bang. Le dernier num éro en date. Les should ens num é Ros. autres activit é s. Concerts progressifs en France. Emissions de Radio. liens.
Perso. K-cached-similar pages

A little dizzy. It doesn't matter. Click the "translate this page" button. Let's look at the results again. Well, we can roughly understand that this was originally a website of a band named "big bang", and it has nothing to do with the Big Bang...

Machine Translation is a very cutting-edge AI topic. It is impossible to expect the Translation results to be written in English. However, the translation between Chinese and English documents is much better than that between Chinese and English documents. At least understand.

14. Find someone

Analysis: the information that a person reveals on the Internet usually includes: name, network name, gender, age, graduation school, work unit, nickname, address,

Phone number, mailbox, BP, mobile phone number, ICQ number, OICQ number, and so on. So, if you want to know what you have never met over the years

It may be a big gain to use the above information for keyword queries.

15. Find Software

Analysis 1: The simplest Search is, of course, directly querying by software name and version number as keywords. However, only software names and targets are available.

The website obviously does not work, because the news about the software may be searched. Add another keyword. Take into account the download page is often

There is a prompt for "Click here to download" or "Download". Therefore, you can add "Download" or "Download" as the keyword.
Search: "WinRAR 5.1 download"
Result: About 313,000 items on the simplified Chinese Web page match the results of WinRAR 5.1 download. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.46 seconds)

Analysis 2: many websites have dedicated download directories named "Download". Therefore, you can use the inurl syntax to directly search for these download directories.
Search: "WinRAR 5.1 inurl: Download"
Result: About 75,500 items in the simplified Chinese Web page comply with WinRAR 5.1 inurl: Download query results. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.28 seconds)

It is not safe to download software freely on the Internet, because the software for download may carry viruses or be bundled with Trojans. Therefore, you must restrict the download of the website, is a secure approach. You can use the site syntax to achieve this purpose. After the shared software is downloaded and used, the software always jumps out of the warning box, or the features of the software are limited. Since most Chinese netizens are poor, they should find another registration code. In addition to the software name and version number, you also need keywords such as "Serial Number", "Sn", and "serial number. Search for the WinRAR 5.1 registration code.
Search: "WinRAR 5.1 Sn"
Result: About 13,100 query results of WinRAR 5.1 Sn are displayed on the simplified Chinese Web page. The following are 1st-10 query results. (The search time is 0.45 seconds)

16. Find MP3

Analysis 1: a website that provides MP3 usually creates a directory named MP3, which stores various types of MP3 music in different categories. So

You can use inurl syntax to quickly find such directories. Use this method to find "hack ".
Search: "hack" inurl: MP3"
Result: About 247 items in the simplified Chinese Web page comply with 'hack "inurl: MP3 query results. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.42 seconds)

Analysis 2: You can also use the webpage title to find such MP3 pages.
Search: "hack" intitle: MP3"
Result: about 1,450 items in the simplified Chinese Web page comply with the "hack" intitle: MP3 query result. The following are 1st-10 items. (The search time is 0.65 seconds)

Of course, if you know that a website is fast to download and has all the music, you can use the site syntax to check whether there is any target music on the website.

17. Book searching

Analysis 1: For me, there are several e-library websites, such as in literature and art ". Therefore, you can use the site syntax to easily find a book (if this website has one ). For example, "Three Kingdoms site:" can be found immediately. If not, it is usually hard to find other websites. Therefore, the key to searching for books is that you know a large number of famous library websites.

Analysis 2: The first keyword selection technique I introduced above is very useful for quickly finding a book or article. Of course, this is based on the fact that you have read the book, I have an impression on the content of the book. For example, if you understand the general content of the book Don Quixote, you can quickly find the book using the "gixote windmill Sancho.

18. Google search FAQ

Q: How can I fully understand
A: View "" on the website page ".

Q: How do I switch the initial language interface of
A: Click preferences on the right of the search bar and select the expected language in interface language, click the Save preferences button at the bottom. Note that Google uses cookies to record this preference. If you disable the cookie function of your browser, you cannot set it.

Q: How do I set the number of search results displayed on each page?
A: Same as above. Go to user preferences. on this page, select "number of results" and select the number of results. The larger the number, the longer it takes to display the results, the default value is 10.

Q: What should I do if the link I found cannot be opened?
A: There are many reasons why the link cannot be opened, such as when the website is on the machine or the page is dead. You can click "webpage snapshot" of Google to view the webpage cache on the Google server. However, if the page is filtered by the local ISP, the server cache still cannot be opened. The only way is to use the proxy server and then enter the IP address of the link in the URL bar.

Q: Open the search result link, but the page is too large to find the target information at once. What should I do?
A: Open the "Web snapshot" directly, and Google will mark the keywords in different colors, which is easy to find.

Q: When I click on each query result, I want to bring up a window separately. What should I do?
A: Go to the "user preferences" Page. Note that there is a "result window" item at the bottom. Select the "enable new window to display query results" check box and then store the settings.

19. Conclusion

This article is written here for the time being. If there is anything wrong with it, please submit it so that I can correct it even.

I hope my friends who have read my post can help me with it so that more people can learn and communicate with each other !!

Author: blackbase Forum liuping5202




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