How to get a sub-object through a mask in a ZBrush

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It is simple and convenient to add sub-objects through masks in zbrush®, and we can create a model with the extracted thickness by holding down the CTRL key and drawing the mask with the relevant commands to extract it as a sub-object attached to the model surface. This article describes in detail how to get sub-objects through masks in Zbrush .

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1. Select the Polysphere (Polygon Sphere) object in the Light box default 3D tool and click the Tool>make polymesh3d (Tools > Create 3D Polygon Mesh) command to convert the parametric sphere to a polygon mesh. and set its SDIV (subdivision level) to 4.

2. Next, create a sub-object by drawing a mask, the drawing of the mask is believed to be familiar, we can draw directly on the model surface by holding down the CTRL key, here, press the X key on the keyboard, draw with the symmetry function, draw the mask area on the sphere, as shown in.

3. Click the Tool>subtool (Tools > Sub-object Tool) command, in its panel, you can set thick (thickness) to 1, click the Extract button to extract the mask portion, as shown in.

You can see that the extracted part is pulled out and appears as a sub-object on the surface of the model.

If the thickness of the sub-object we wish to get is thicker, slide the thick (thickness) slider next to the extract command to adjust the thickness of the extract.

If you do not want to keep the sub-object, you can select the sub-object you want to delete, and then click the Delete command in the Subtool panel, and the sub-object is deleted.

To learn more about the ZBrush 3D graphics software, you can visit the ZBrush Chinese website to view relevant information.

How to get a sub-object through a mask in a ZBrush

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