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1. Get rid of irrelevant options

In Windows XP, double-click Folder Options in Control Panel, click the View tab, and then scroll the mouse pointer to the bottom of the window to see an "Auto Search for network folders and printers" item that is selected by default and removes it. In this way, when we print, Windows XP does not take the liberty of looking for printers on the LAN and installing drivers to prevent the inadvertent use of confidential documents to other departmental printers and Windows7 system downloads. At the same time, after this item is removed, when we access the LAN computer through "My Network Neighborhood", it will not automatically find the shared folder on it, which will increase the speed.

2. Transfer the NIC to full speed

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Press the Win+pause/break key, click the Hardware tab, click Device Manager to open Device Manager, double-click Network adapter, click the Advanced tab in the Open window, and select link Speed/duplex Mode (connection speed/ Duplex mode), and then select Full mode below it. This will allow the NIC to be tuned up to speed. Of course, if you are using a wireless network, it can be transferred to the highest speed, Ghost XP SP3 is the author's wireless network card d-link airplus xtremeg+ dwl-g650+ Wireless CardBus the Adapter # 2, the author sets its desired basic Rate set (basic rate) to 54Mbps.

3. Get rid of unrelated protocols

Open the Network Connections window, right-click Local Area Connection, select Properties, and then remove unwanted protocols from the open window. If you use Windows 98, TCP/IP-dial-up adapters, Microsoft friendly logon, Microsoft Virtual private network adapters, ipx/spx compatibility protocol, and so on can be removed, because these components are not usually used, if they are selected , but it will affect the normal workstation network and browsing.

4. Set up a blank password login

If the computer does not save sensitive data, just put some public resources, you can set up a blank password login. So that users do not need to provide a password to be able to enter directly, you can save the time to tell others the password, but also more convenient.

Press Win+r, enter gpedit.msc, open Group Policy Editor, find "Computer Configuration" → "Windows Settings" → "Security Settings" → "Local Policy" → "Security Options", XP and double-click the "Account in the right window": A local account with a blank password allows only console logons, and it is set to Disabled in the open window.

Next, open Explorer on this machine, select tools → folder Options, click the View tab, and then cancel the small hook before removing simple file sharing (recommended).

5. Automatic Login LAN

If you need to access a shared folder every day, you do not need to double click "Network Places" and then locate the server, double-click and enter your username and password to access it again. For example, you want to access a computer called server, user name, password is 8888. Just write a bat file in which you enter the following statement: NET use serveripc$ "8888"/user: "user", then drag and drop the bat file to " Start → program → boot "group, the system will be user for username, 8888 for password login server computer, so you access it anywhere on the above shared folder no longer need to enter a username and password.

If you are using Windows XP, you can select the "Remember my password" option after the first time you open a shared computer and enter your username and password, and you will not be asked to ask for a password on your next visit.

6. Remove Firewall

If you enable the firewall in Windows XP and share the drive, it's possible that someone else cannot browse the shared drive in Network Neighborhood, you can right-click Local Area Connection, select Properties, click the Advanced tab, click the Configure button, and select "Close (not recommended)" in the open window. Items can be. Because our local area network computer is connected to the router itself, consider setting up a firewall on it. In this way, the local area network machine will not be attacked by the outside, but the local area network machine access will be faster.

7. Multi-system Mutual fast access

If you find that Windows 2000 machines are particularly slow to access 98 machines, you can press WIN+R on the 2000 machine and enter "Regedt32" in the Registry Editor to find [Hkey_local_ Machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrent Versionexplorerremotecomputernamespace], locate and delete the key under the branch, and then double-click the 98 colleague's machine will be quick.

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8. Fast Backup/Update data

If you often need to back up your data to a file server in your local area network, do you want to select the file on your hard disk and then switch to the file server to paste it? That's too much trouble. In fact, as long as we know the name of the file server (such as FILE_BCK) and know its username (such as user) and password (such as 123456), you can now just run a batch file, and the batch file reads as follows:

Set Source=d:work

Set Dest=file_bckbackup

NET use file_bckipc$ "1234"/user: "User"


Save it as Batchcopy.bat, and then simply double-click the bat file to back up all d:work files under File_bckbackup.

9. Quick Map Letter

Open the Shared machine root folder, such as Homepc, and then select the appropriate folder, right-click, select the "Map Network Drive" command, you can immediately map the folder to the letter. If you select tool → map network drive directly, we will need to select the mapping path.

10. Cancel the Unused network drive

If you have mapped a network drive and are no longer using it, be sure to open the Explorer, click tools → disconnect network drive, and then cancel the drive in the window shown in Figure 13. Otherwise, each boot will automatically map this disk, will also occupy more system resources, so that the local area network access slows down.

11. Consider shortcuts to access shared folders

If you frequently want to access a user's shared folder, such as Homepcwritingsoft, you can open Homepcwritingsoft in the Explorer, and then drag the folder icon from the Address bar to the desktop with the mouse, and then loosen when the cursor changes to a link. In the future, to access this folder, Ghost XP simply double-clicks the shortcut to the desktop without having to step into the network Neighborhood.

12. Type the computer name directly

Enter the computer where the shared folder you want to connect to or the network path for the shared folder can be accessed quickly in the address bar of the explorer. If you enter comp (where comp is the computer name), you go to the computer named comp, and you can view its shared folders or files. Enter compshare into the share shared folder on the comp computer.

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13. Direct IP Access

If you fixed a shared computer's network card IP, you can access the computer IP directly in the Run window without having to open it from layer to layer on the Network Neighborhood.

14. Quick access under Total Commander

When you open a shared folder in total Commander, double-click its pane to pop up the window and select Add Current folder to add it to the Folder list. If you want to access it later, just double-click the pane and select the item to get there quickly.

15. Dynamic/static IP two affordable

If you use DHCP in your company and you use fixed IP at home, it is a headache to duplicate the IP address of your network card. If you install Windows XP, you can have a network card with dynamic/static IP: Double-click the Network Connections icon in Control Panel, and then right-click the appropriate network card, such as wireless network connection, select Properties, and then choose Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the open window , click the Properties button below. and select the "Automatically obtain IP address" and "Automatically obtain DNS server addresses" entry in the window that opens again. Click the Alternate Configuration tab, and then select the User Configuration item in the Open window, and then enter the fixed IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, preferred DNS server address, such as,, 192.168.0. This way, when our computer finds a DHCP presence, it obtains an IP address from the DHCP server. Otherwise, we will use the fixed IP, subnet mask, default gateway, preferred DNS server address, etc. 3366 games, such as on the, very convenient.

16. Remove Cache Settings

When you right-click a folder on your computer, select Sharing and security, click the Cache button at the bottom of the window, and then cancel the Allow caching of files in this shared folder item in the Open window. This way, when the files in our shared folder are very long, it is obvious that someone else will be able to access this shared folder. If you do not, you may not be able to open the file under this folder for a long time, and it may cause the system to panic.

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17. Consider gigabit NIC and 64-bit computer

Gigabit NIC and 64-bit computer, and installed 64-bit Windows, according to the authority of the test, its LAN speed access speed significantly improved.

18. Place the wireless ap/router in the middle of the room

Wireless ap/Router is the center of the wireless network, so make sure to put it in the middle of the room, so that all the cards in the home can be better connected to it. There are a lot of people because the community broadband access to the door to the living room, will be wireless ap/routers in those locations, do so, your wireless signal will lose a lot of natural speed can not lift up.

19. Turn on wireless 54Mbps mode

Some wireless ap/routers to "compatible" with more network cards, does not open its G mode, at this time to log on to the ap/router, its "wireless mode" set to G mode (G model), the "Transfer (TX) rate" set to 54Mbps, activate 8X mode, and the "Antenna transmission power" Set to the highest.

We had better not use Windows XP Wireless management, but install the network card with the program, this setting, there will be more options, display is the author of the network card with the program settings, which has the corresponding 8X mode, and can be forced to 54Mbps mode, these features Windows None of the generic wireless management drivers in XP.

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Note that when forced to 54Mbps, the wireless ap/router may appear on some PCMCIA slot wireless cards, and only the ap/router is changed back to mixed mode.

20. Replace the Channel

In the wireless ap/router, we can change the channel. For 802.11g, there are 11 channels available, but completely undisturbed only 1, 5, 113, that is, the same area using more than three 802.11g wireless network will interfere with each other, the overlap between channels will reduce the rate of data link. Therefore, whether or not our neighbors have 802.11g wireless networks installed or replaced with one of the above three channels, it may also be helpful for the speed and stability of the network.

21. Wireless/Wired Mix

Now buy wireless ap/router usually has 4 wired network interface, you will be a large number of data access to the machine through the Wired network card and network cable to connect it to the wireless ap/router's wired interface, while the wired network IP address to remember. So you're in the other room. Press Win+r on the wireless card machine, enter the IP address of the wired network card to access the computer when the speed will be much faster! The transmission rate between the wireless network card and the wired network card is very slow!

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