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Small series of recommendations: The design of the way to make products more popular has been the product staff assiduously, like the article said a small change can increase the click of 70%, is not very attractive? Let's study and make a tempting website.

How do you keep your visitors longer and look back? Webydo offers you 7 powerful suggestions.

Let the user be satisfied with the website design is only Long March first step. After the site is online, you need to compete with millions of other sites for attention, and you need to do everything you can to keep your visitors and keep them looking back.

How to attract people is the most difficult aspect of user experience design, it not only requires high-quality content, but also have ingenious, let the people's blood boiling method to present content.

If you feel that your site is not angry, then these suggestions should be able to help you to rejuvenate the site, to win a return visit!

01. Let the mouse scrolling become fascinating

Is there a good thing about making a change in the Web site that makes 70% more attractive? You don't have to say it's real!

The parallax rolling Way has swept through the design world because of its ability to present visual messages in a unique and eye-catching manner.

Parallax refers to the use of several elements that are independent of each other when scrolling the page to form a dynamic experience that attracts people to continue rolling.

A good example of this is when Sony is moved design. This design greatly extends the functional boundaries of the parallax. Many of the advanced free Code web design platforms like Webydo can help you design fantastic parallax sites with pixel-perfect accuracy. In addition, they recently released the free Code of Parallax scrolling animator, which helps create pixel-perfect parallax sites.

02. Symbols and icons: a visual lubricant

More informative sites need to use a lot of text. This means that designers must find ways to present these words in the strongest way.

Use icons to help site visitors find what they want faster. The small visual element of the icon can not only express the concept of its own carrying, but also through a unique appearance like visual signs to guide people's eyes from one place to another.

In the past, icons can only use bitmap graphics, so it's cumbersome to draw and modify, and it's difficult to design styles.

Now, designers can use the icon font to create the same vector as the text, can be unlimited expansion and can be customized through the CSS font. One of the best tools is glyphter. Its seductive and intuitive tools are available through a variety of open source icon sets (including font awesome!) To draw, or upload your own SVG to create custom fonts, and these custom fonts are available for you to download freely and apply to other web design. With the icon to support text content, paragraphs and interface elements are no longer a simple pile of text, and it can be combined with dynamic font, so that the site's reading will become more interesting and simple.

03. Flexible Fonts: responsive content Design

Responsive design is not limited to layout-it should also be applied to content. The layout can accommodate the screen size is good, but the content also needs to adapt accordingly.

Mobile end users generally do not have time to read large paragraphs of text, so your mobile Web site must be streamlined, showing a clear call to action. If the text is too small, it is difficult to read on a small screen, so you should use dynamic style technology to keep the text in a comfortable size--don't let the user zoom in on their own!

The best example of this is the design of the information architects website, one of the pioneers of this approach. Their blog explores the techniques and theories of response fonts, and clearly explains why dynamic fonts are superior to static fonts.

If the content responds appropriately to the reader's reading, the experience of the site itself will be more process, eye-catching, and more compelling overall. The same idea applies to images ...

04. Using vector Graphics as responsive visual elements

Text is just a corner of web design, and image is as important as text. Typically, images are formatted with bitmap files such as JPG, PN, and GIF.

The problem with bitmap images lies in two ways:

1. The size of the bitmap is fixed, so it is not lossless to accommodate the new layout size or resolution, which requires adding more graphics content to fit the retina screen of the mobile end.

2. Every time you use a bitmap, you will make an HTTP request to your site's loading process. As the site more and more use of graphics, this will result in a significant increase in loading time, not to mention the amount of data required to render the page significantly increased.

Solution: Vector Graphics. Because vector graphics are basically using mathematical methods to render visual elements, they can be easily extended to arbitrary size and to any resolution, without fear of falling graphics quality.

SVG is a popular vector graphics format, and many web designers are particularly fond of this format, because it can adjust styles and modifications in real time like many other markup languages, and produce beautiful and interactive effects.

In addition, the vector graphics occupy a small space, and can be directly rendered by the browser, thus will not generate external resource consumption.

05. Gaming

Gaming is one of the hardest techniques to apply. Gameplay refers to the introduction of similar games in the design of the elements to bring visitors a sense of interaction and in their navigation to give incentives.

Gaming usually takes the form of unlocking a badge after a specific task is completed, and this pattern is more applicable on websites that require users to complete a range of courses, such as Treehouse. But what if you don't have a course or a similar structure?

For blogs, e-commerce sites, or other standard web-like environments, gaming can be offered to visitors in specific situations, such as coupons or discounts. For example, a blog can provide a free ebook download after a visitor has posted a link to a tweet, or an E-commerce Web site can offer a discount volume after a visitor browses through the entire product catalog.

This gadget helps personalize the visitors ' experience, and getting individual attention is also important to fostering user input and encouraging users to turn back.

06. Image compression: Speed first

The site's long loading time is the number one weapon that kills visitors ' attractiveness. In this era of short and wide attention span, if the site's loading time is too long, visitors will not hesitate to leave, no one has the patience to wait for the page to load slowly.

As websites become more complex and visually appealing, loading times can be difficult to avoid. Fortunately, we can use a variety of techniques to mitigate this problem:

1. Reducing content

2. Optimized for web images

3. Provision of Web sites through content distribution networks

First of all, many designers are willing to minimize site content when they publish. The simplest can be stripped of all white, commented and redundant content from CSS and JS files, leaving only a streamlined version that can be loaded quickly.

Also, there are many algorithms that help reduce the image size of a Web site without affecting visual quality. You can run multiple algorithms in a row, in addition, Image Optim (Mac only) and other applications can be prepared to the image process simplified to a hit.

Finally, a content distribution network (CDN) can be used to distribute files at a faster rate. CDN is able to distribute Web site data through multiple servers around the world, ensuring that the server that provides files to visitors is the nearest server. A CDN can have a critical impact on the load time of a Web page, which is often used to prevent a larger web site from collapsing as thousands of of visitors around the world load up simultaneously. One of the many advantages of cloud based web design platforms such as Webydo is the ability to handle this optimization process in lieu of you.

07. Push Notification

One of the goals of attracting visitors on many sites is how to get visitors back after you post new content, which applies to blogs, videos, and so on.

Typically, designers use a variety of table Tanjan visitors to register to receive email notifications. Although this approach is still popular, there is now a new technology that is 30 times times stronger than mail, and much more appealing than mail: browser push notifications.

With tools such as roost, designers can easily implement browser notification, allowing visitors to receive new content reminders even if they do not open your site.

Currently, only Safari fully supports this feature on the latest OS X, but Chrome and Firefox also launch push notification support during the year, so it's a good time to get this exciting new skill.

Welcome back to Reality!

The above technical skills in the design process are of great significance, before you start the web design should be carefully considered.

Ensuring that the site responds quickly, beautifully, and dynamically can encourage visitors to engage more fully with the content you provide. There are many tools available on the market to help you design or redesign an advanced, inviting website that will make your site's appeal soar.

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