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Don't worry, even the best designers will run into these problems. You just have to find a way to get your brain back into combat and your ideas will flow. Below, we've sorted out a series of tips to help you brainstorm effectively, plus five wonderful apps to help you clear your brainstorming process.

01. With Sexual play

Take notes, don't forget what you said.

In Stylorouge, our approach is to assemble people to meet and to speak freely about their ideas at meetings. Everyone will take their notebooks and discuss with each other possible ideas. You don't have to come up with a creative idea at a meeting, you can think of it as an ordinary encounter.

02. Find the right time

For many people, the morning is the time period of creative emergence. People tend to be more lazy after lunch, so mornings are generally more suitable for creativity. Week one by one is not the ideal time to be creative, but we will inspire each other in the morning meeting in Monday.

03. Out of the box to find inspiration

Jump out of the design field for inspiration

It's good to keep an eye out for new developments in the design field, but sometimes things outside of the design field can even inspire you. For example, if you're designing a project for a book cover, it's better not to start by looking for inspiration from the cover of other books.

04. Comprehensive INTRODUCTION

Everyone involved in the creative process should have a clear understanding of the full contents of the project introduction. Don't have reservations, everyone should be honest with each other. Even if something doesn't seem to matter to me, I will say it, but it will show that these are secondary messages.

05. Questions about the introduction of the project

Asking questions is the core of the brainstorming process.

The process of producing excellent ideas is to some extent the analysis of problems. You should have questions about everything, and ask yourself: Is this a complete solution to the requirements of the project presentation? You should keep your subjectivity as objective as possible.

06. Find a suitable table

Don't sit at the coffee table too low. Although it is now popular for desk rounds and easy chairs, choosing a suitable meeting table is actually a great way to help people get closer to each other (rather than being separated from each other as in the living room) and to keep the design inspired.

07. Return to the real world

Stay away from the computer and pick up real tools such as paint brushes.

Many studios now choose to throw computer tools aside, but they pick up real tools such as paints, brushes, cardboard and knives. The design that you save on your computer sometimes makes you feel unreal, and these tools can give you real feelings.

08. Truth

When you hear other people's thoughts or see other people's design samples, say what you really think. To put it this way, if someone believes in their own ideas, but finds that others have raised objections, the truth of opposition will encourage him to persevere in making his ideas a real good idea.

09. Use the word game to form a good idea

Word games are a good way to inspire creativity and lateral thinking

Use the word "core" to record your thoughts. The word "core" refers to the key words that contain the spirit, personality, and message that you want to express, even if it sounds baffling and doesn't matter, and in a day or two you may see something that echoes the words in your head.

10. Take a break and settle down

With time permitting, we can rest for a day or two after sharing ideas and let each other's thoughts settle in our minds. In this way, in the second share, the general will achieve greater results, and in the second phase we often show more visual materials.

11. Try the following applications

Creative inspiring applications and nail-board applications can effectively help us organize the content of brainstorming. Here are five of the more good applications.

1) Mindnode

Mindnode is a mind mapping application that can effectively help you brainstorm and organize your thoughts.

Mindnode is an intuitive, easy to use mind mapping application, it can help you form new ideas and organize their own ideas. It supports icloud and Dropbox so you can check your mind map at any time.

2) Moodboard

Moodboard can be used to collect, organize, and share things that give you inspiration.

Moodboard is an excellent application for creating emotional boards and organizing ideas on the ipad. With this small tool, you can easily collect, organize, and share things that inspire you. Features include 12 custom backgrounds, 12 custom borders to extend the image, the ability to add text to the emotion board, and to scale, rotate, and so on.

3) OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle has a variety of tool combinations, is a flexible and useful design canvas application

In OmniGraffle, you can create charts, flowcharts, organization diagrams, and diagrams. The app was updated last month with a new graphics tool interface and improved support for the ipad's Retina screen. Less than 50 dollars, although not cheap for an application, but its diverse portfolio of tools is definitely worth the price.

4) Mypantone

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