How to install Mingw-w64 and MSYS2?

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If you ' re already planning on using MSYS2,

  1. Download MSYS2 from this page (choose/64-bit According to "version of Windows" is going to use it on, not wh At kind of executables you want to build, both versions can build both and 64-bit binaries).

  2. After the install completes, click to the newly created "MSYS2 Shell" option under either MSYS2 64-bit or in the MSYS2 32-bit Start menu . Update MSYS2 According to the wiki (although I just does a pacman -Syu , ignore all errors and close the window and open a new one, This isn't recommended and you should does what the wiki page says).

  3. Install a Toolchain

    A) for 32-bit:

    pacman -S mingw-w64-i686-gcc

    b) for 64-bit:

    pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc
  4. Install any libraries/tools need. You can search the repositories by doing

    pacman -Ss package_name_of_something_i_want_to_install
  5. Open a mingw-w64 Shell:

    A) to build 32-bit things, open the "Mingw-w64 32-bit Shell"

    b) to build 64-bit things, open the "Mingw-w64 64-bit Shell"

  6. Verify that the compiler was working by doing

    gcc -v

If you want to use the Toolchains (with installed libraries) outside of the MSYS2 environment, all you need to does is add the c4/> or to <MSYS2 root>/mingw64/bin your PATH .

How to install Mingw-w64 and MSYS2?

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