How to install mysql database under Ubantu, and how to back up SQL files and run SQL files !, Ubantumysql

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How to install mysql database under Ubantu, and how to back up SQL files and run SQL files !, Ubantumysql
Installing mysql on ubuntu is actually easier than installing mysql under Windows. Just enter the password once in the middle of the following commands. Other operations are automatically completed. 1. sudo apt-get install mysql-server 2. apt-get isntall mysql-client
3. sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev

After installing mysql, check whether the installation is successful:Sudo netstat-tap | grep mysql

After the check is successful, it is a simple test.
Mysql-u root-p

Other operation commands are the same as those in time.

The following describes how to export database files and import database files:

1. Use the mysqldump command to export the database (note the installation path of mysql, that is, the path of this command ):
1. Export data and table structure:
Mysqldump-u username-p Password Database Name> database name. SQL
$/Usr/mysqldump-uroot-p abc> abc. SQL
After you press enter, you will be prompted to enter the password

2. export only the table structure
Mysqldump-u username-p password-d Database Name> database name. SQL
$/Usr/mysqldump-uroot-p-d abc> abc. SQL

Note:/usr/---> mysql data DIRECTORY

Ii. Import Database
1. First, create an empty Database
Mysql> create database abc;

2. Import Database
Method 1:
(1) Select a database
Mysql> use abc;
(2) set database Encoding
Mysql> set names utf8;
(3) import data (note the path of the SQL file)
Mysql> source/home/abc. SQL;
Method 2:
Mysql-u username-p Password Database Name <database name. SQL
# Mysql-uabc_f-p abc <abc. SQL

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