How to install win8/win8.1 system?

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How to install win8/win8.1 system?

First, the win8/win8.1 system installs before the preparation material:

1, first download a ghost version of the win8/win8.1 operating system, here with the Earth Ghost win8.1 32-bit pure professional version to do the demo.

2, win8/win8.1 download good file for the ISO file, so we have to extract it all out (preferably download in D or e-packing directory)

Second, win8/win8.1 system hard disk installation steps:

1, after decompression to get the document as shown, open the decompression file in the "Onekey" System Installer (some system installer is not the same, but the installation method is the same)

2, run the "Installation system Onekey" System installer will appear below the interface, is generally the default on it, and then click "Execute/Confirm"

3, after the operation of the above will appear the following interface, of course, we point "yes" (some computers will not appear this prompt will automatically turn off restart, this is the normal phenomenon)

4, according to the operation Point "yes", will automatically restart the computer, the system will automatically deploy the installation. Do not use any operation, if the computer does not reboot, please reboot. (Some computers do not appear this prompt will automatically turn off reboot, this is the normal phenomenon)

5, the system will reboot, into the following deployment flowchart, do not care about it. Peace of mind waiting for the installation to complete after the normal use.

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