How to learn the embedded Development Board-Schindler 4412 Development Board

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Product Advantages:

1. cover when in embedded technology hotspots:Linux,Android,QT,Ubuntu System

2. Tailor-made for iTOP-4412, hands-on full video handout, let learning embedded ARM development like single-chip microcomputer as simple! 3. Perfect after-sales support: Provide forum, certification QQ .

Current ARM processor parameter comparison:

4412 Development Board Introduction:

1. iTOP-4412 Elite Edition: Samsung Exynos four-core processor with 1GB memory,4GB SSD EMMC storage, both fast reading and ultra-large capacity, even if the vast amount of thinking can be processed in time. Exclusive with Samsung s5m8767 power Management, optimal architecture !

With Android,Linux + Qt,Ubuntu operating system, open learning, research and development of a new way.

iTOP-4412 Elite version of the rabbit score more than 18000 points, is currently running the highest development board.

    1. Richer interfaces: In addition to Ethernet, sound card, keys, buzzer,JTAG,GPIO, camera,AD conversion,USB HOST ,USB OTG,HDMI,TF card, serial port and other interfaces, in addition has a matrix keyboard, WIFI,485 bus,CAN Bus module expansion capability.

3. Quality Assurance: The entire Development Board core devices such as memory,FLASH,PMU and so completely adopt Samsung's own chip ; Power inductors and connectors are used high-quality import channels, core board manufacturers of all-patch technology, to avoid the quality of hand-hidden hazards.

4. The best design concept: Power management PMU can support 8 - way DC and 30 route output.

The core board adopts eight-layer PCB Design, fully consider the electromagnetic compatibility and signal optimization, to ensure the stability of the system.

Greatly simplifies the backplane design, allowing users to complete high-end quad-core product development with a simple 2-layer board.

Import Big brand Gold-plated connectors after more than two years of product testing, in the extraction of a large number of interfaces and the ease of use, while ensuring the stability and reliability of long-term applications.

The core board can be supported in two forms, corresponding to the 4412 Two different packages, and the interface is fully compatible, the user can be perfect for all kinds of occasions according to needs.

5. Applications : applied in the Internet of things, rail transit, industrial control, automotive electronics, security industry, handheld devices, smart home, medical equipment, power industry and other industries.

How to learn the embedded Development Board-Schindler 4412 Development Board

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