How to make fake foreign trade? How can we do well?

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First, the profit of fake foreign trade brands is disclosed

Guangzhou watches and bags are the most famous foreign trade brands. putian imitation shoes. shanzhai electronics in Shenzhen. of course, foreign trade can sell fake brands as genuine products, which is very profitable. A high imitation bag with a price of more than 100 yuan. it can be sold for $ to $. you can earn RMB 600 or 700 for selling a pack. A month of effort. selling ten packages is about 6000 or 7000 of revenue. what kind of work is there. its profits have also attracted numerous counterfeit traders. You don't believe it? Search for nike shoes by yourself in English. LV handbag can be found at any online store. The contact information is Guangzhou.

Shenzhen, Putian, Fujian, Beijing, and Shanghai. Then, let's take a look at the prices they sell. The so-called eyes are clear. Let's hear it. I'll explain it myself. Remember that it's English google,

Second soho online store

Why should I create an online store? Can it be sold on ebay? Consider the number of sellers on ebay. the market price is very obvious. some prices may be cheaper than your purchase price. in the end, you may not be a seller. become another customer. therefore, you must create a foreign trade online store. because you are an imitation card, you must use a professional imitation space when building a website, so that your website will not be blocked. You must have a good host service provider, in order to ensure that your website can run normally, because a fake website involves an infringement problem. If you do not pay attention to it, the website will be blocked, the fake user website will be blocked, and the data will not be retrieved, there are countless such things, so you cannot underestimate this problem.

Third, find the source

I usually ask how to do this without any source of supply. i'm afraid you don't have a ticket. no sources of supply. baidu search. bag consignment. shoes consignment. A lot of hand accessories, and images are provided for you for free. you do not need to purchase your own goods. you do not need to ship the goods by yourself. in this way, you don't have to worry about purchasing goods without any money. you just need to upload the pictures provided by the seller to the online store. the quality of the goods, high imitation, you have to follow up carefully.

4. How to Promote online stores.

How can customers find customers. this is the key. First, you can go to some related foreign forums. post for promotion. for customers in the United States. you can post for promotion in some communities in the United States. this is the most direct. the most effective method. but the post content. soft Text is required. what is soft paper? Soft Text is a soft advertisement. let me give you an example. we sell imitation bags. we cannot post on the Forum: We sell packages. what is our website. it does not take five minutes to be deleted as an advertisement sticker. what should I do? This can be written as follows: I accidentally saw a website selling bags on the website last time. how cheap it is to go in. what a beautiful bag. share it with you now. the URL is xxx. this is called soft text. if you have money. you can find a network company for promotion. rank your keywords. go to the google homepage. (the most popular one is google bidding ads. I believe they have been used in foreign trade online stores? The effect is good, that is, the account has been dying faster recently. Of course SEO promotion is the cheapest and most persistent. This Chinese people are not very concerned about it yet, but SEO popularity is inevitable .) Let others search for words such as LV handbag. Your Website is on the homepage. You may not be able to do business.

Whether or not you can make money depends on your luck and hard work. The so-called "Seeking for profit" means that you can make money and make money. You will always pay off when you make money. I hope you can make the money smoothly! Congratulations!

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