How to modify the Exif information contained in the photo details

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How to modify the Exif information contained in the photo details

This method requires a photo with a canvas on the background when applying for an ICP filing. ps will see some relevant information. So I found the following two solutions to help you, I am not responsible for the legal liability for this purpose and will only be responsible for research and discussion:
Method 1: image details provided by win7Modification function
How can I remove the Modification Trace in the details of the modified ps image?
Win7 system-Right-click a photo file and right-click it to view the 'infos' in the property. At the bottom of the tag, there is a 'delete attribute and personal information' project. You know what to do later.
Method 2: use the software Exif to modify

I. Know the Exif information of digital photos

Exif is the abbreviation of Exchangeable Image File. Exif information is collected by a digital camera in real time and stored in the header of a jpg photo file. Specifically, Exif information is a set of shooting parameters embedded in JPG image files, including the camera brand and model, color encoding, data such as aperture, shutter, ISO, date and time during photography, and even information such as the sound recorded during shooting and the Global Positioning System (GPS. JPG images with Exif information are slightly larger than normal JPG images (about 2 kb ).

Note: digital photos edited using image processing software may lose their Exif information.

Ii. View Exif information

Now, after knowing what Exif information is, let's take a look at how to view Exif information in digital photos. In my long-term digital photography "career", I have summarized four methods of viewing.

1. notepad

First, we will introduce the simplest method. Open a digital photo in JPG format in Notepad. What do you see? Characters (1 ). Take a closer look at the area marked by shadow, that is, "Exif", "fujitsu FinePix6900ZOOM", and "ACD Systems Digital Imaging ", these are the Exif information that can be directly read by notepad. From this we can easily see that the digital camera brand used to take this photo is FUJIFILM, and the specific model is Fine Pix6900ZOOM, the photo was edited by the ACDSee Image view software (the following information includes the shooting time and editing time ). If you are not familiar with this kind of digital camera, you can copy "FUJIFILM FinePix6900ZOOM" from the notepad and paste it into the of the Web search engine to search for it. All the information about it will be ready for you.

Notepad allows you to roughly view Exif information in a digital photo

2. Windows XP

Are there any mistakes! Windows XP is only an operating system. What is the relationship between it and the Exif information of digital photos? Don't worry. Let me know. Windows XP has good support for digital photos. We can not only view digital photos through its built-in "Windows Image and fax viewer, you can also view the Exif information of a digital photo in its folder window.
The specific operation is: first open the folder containing digital photos, select "details" in the "View" menu, and then right-click the "details" project, select a project related to a digital photo from the displayed project menu, such as a "camera model. In this way, you can view Part Of The Exif information of digital photos directly from the Windows XP folder window (2 ).

In the Windows XP folder window, you can also view the Exif information of the digital photos.

3. Professional viewing Software

Although the Exif information can be viewed using the above two methods quickly, they are not complete. The following describes the professional Exif information viewing software. Many digital camera manufacturers provide software that can read Exif information, such as the Exif Viewer of Fuji cameras and NikonView of Nikon cameras. However, there are not many people using them.

The most common Exif information viewing software used by the author is ACDSee (Version 3.1 or later), because it is almost mandatory for every computer, it is very convenient to view the Exif information while viewing digital photos with it! The specific operation is: first open a digital photo with ACDSee, right-click it, open the "Properties" window, and drop down the "EXIF Metadata" item, here we can see a very detailed Exif information (3 ).

You can use ACDSee to view the Exif information of a digital photo.

If you are not used to using ACDSee to view the Exif information of digital photos, I would like to recommend several software: photoCAP, cPicture, ExifRead, ExifInfo, ExifShow, and PIE (Picture Information Extractor) are available on most download websites.

4. IE Plug-in

The above three methods are for digital photos in the Local Machine. How can I view the Exif information while browsing the online digital photos? Use IE Plug-in. The Exif information IE Plug-In I like to use is MiYa Exif Viewer for IE, which is completely free of charge!

After installing it, right-click it when you see a digital photo on the Internet. In this case, you will find that the "Exif Information" option is added in the right-click menu. After opening the window, you will be able to see the detailed Exif Information of the photo (4 ).

MiYa Exif Viewer for IE can directly view the Exif information of online digital photos

Software name: MiYa Exif Viewer for IE
Software Version: 1.3
Authorization method: Free Software
Software size: 742KB
: Http://

In addition to MiYa Exif Viewer for IE, Exif Show is also very famous (:, it is also by right-clicking the menu to view the Exif information of digital photos in IE.

3. Modify Exif information

The Exif information in digital photos can be modified, but the modification of the shooting parameters is controversial in the video circle. Many people think this is a cheating behavior. Some photographers have low levels of photography, but in order to participate in the photography competition, they are asked to process digital photos on their computers. To hide the processing marks of their digital photos, they tamper with the shooting parameters in the Exif information, which leads to some photo contests in disguise as "Image Processing competitions ". However, there is also a good aspect for modifying Exif information. For example, a photographer can add "copyright information" and "user comments" to his/her digital photos.

Modify the Exif information in a digital photo. You can use the Exif Editor. Its operation is very simple. After importing a digital photo, you can directly modify the parameters. It can also extract Exif information and save it as the *. Exif file with the same name as the photo file (import is also supported ). The disadvantage is that its interface is BIG5 in Traditional Chinese. I have been too reluctant to change the internal code, because the data of each of the changes is well identified and will not be wrong (5 ). Of course, you can also use the new Turbo Photo 3.3 Simplified Chinese version (:, now use it to modify Exif information more and more video friends.

Exif Editor can modify Exif information in a digital photo

After reading this article, if you can compare the Exif information to see a variety of digital photos, you can not only serve as a comment "master" in front of new people, but also learn a lot, it is helpful to improve your photography level. I have satisfied vanity and learned photography knowledge. Why not?

Exif Editor 3.0 Build 3002 green free Simplified Chinese version:

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