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On the Internet to see how to prevent the problem of hijacked routers is very good, it is true that we use the router at the same time should be prevented from being hijacked to protect our privacy and property security. Today, I share my personal experience of preventing routers from being hijacked.

A, hidden wireless signal name (SSID number) so that people do not search. After being hidden, no one can scan your wireless signal. You must also know the SSID number and password if you want to connect. Don't casually tell someone about your wireless router's SSID number and password. Highly recommended

The method is as follows: First we installed a good router, and the configuration successfully online, but worried or have been rubbed network, open the Router settings interface, upper right corner into the advanced configuration. Wireless configuration on the left, the Drop-down menu to find wireless Security configuration, you can see the Safe mode and your wireless router password (key), the 2 to write down, to remember accurately. Then click on the wireless Basic configuration Wireless Basic configuration point, you can see the wireless router name (wireless name (SSID)) Note that must be recorded accurately. In the SSID broadcast: choose to close, other do not move, point save in effect, then all of your wireless connection router devices are disconnected.

1, turn off the SSID broadcast, turn on the mobile phone-set-wlan-add Network, network SSID (wireless name (SSID)), security: Select Wpa/wpa2 PSK according to the different choice of mobile phone, basic Android and Apple I tried no problem. Below enter your router wireless password just that (secret key) then save, wait for a while.

2. After you turn off the SSID broadcast, XP system notebook Open Network Places-View networking-right-click Wireless network Connection-select Properties-Wireless network configuration-point add-Enter your (SSID) signal name-router wireless password (key)-then automatically connect after the point is automatically connected.

3, turn off the SSID broadcast, WIN7 system This simplest, point right bottom triangle pop-up many wireless router name, the bottom has a other network-double-click-Enter your router name (SSID) signal name. Wait for him to ask you for the password and then enter the password.

Generally as long as you enter the SSID signal name is your wireless router name is right, even if you lose the wrong password, your mobile phone or wireless connection on the computer already have your wireless router signal, this approach is to screen out the SSID broadcast, so that other people even your router signals are not swept, Just don't tell me to crack your router password.

Second, the router to open wireless MAC address filtering, add a known device can connect, unknown devices are not connected. Highly recommended

The method is as follows: We are Tp-link wireless router for the column, other wireless routers the same:

1, enter the router address:, the default username password admin.

2, into the set interface, the left wireless settings, click on the Pull-down menu wireless MAC address filtering.

3, click to enable wireless MAC address filtering.

4, choose to allow: The list of effective MAC address access to this wireless network.

5, click Add New Entry (also you are allowed to connect the MAC address).

How to view your phone, xp his system computer, WIN7 system computer MAC address:

The phone is the simplest, in the settings-into the WLAN settings, and then the mobile Phone "menu" button, the screen appears below the small interface has "advanced", Into the "advanced", which can be seen in the MAC address or settings, into the phone, and then select hardware information, which can also see the MAC address, The same method applies to other mobile phones on the Android platform.

XP and WIN7 computer how to view their MAC address, point to start at the bottom left, find the run, input cmd knock return pop-up black box in the black box input Ipconfig/all knock enter. The circle below

Inside is your computer's MAC address. This command XP and WIN7 general, find the Mac can be set up in the wireless router filter.

Third, modify the wireless router password, select the form of WPA2 encryption, password length also recommended more than 10 letters + digital combination and a special combination of symbols. Increase password difficulty and crack difficulty. Highly recommended

The method is as follows: Open the router to set the address, enter the account password, find wireless configuration or wireless settings-Wireless security Settings-Select the encryption form for the WPA/WPA2-PSK key recommended for more than 10 digits, Digital + password + special symbol, save the restart router. Reenter the password to access the Internet via the wireless router.

Change your own router management address. For example, you are or instead of you remember, for example, change to Highly recommended

The method is as follows: first open your router address, enter the account password into the settings interface, find the LAN settings. Many routers on the left have the word network parameters, after the drop down menu has LAN settings, and then you can see ip: or generally we change the third place, for example, to, then after the save reboot, When you log on to the router address, enter

Five, after their own router management address plus port, the general default port is 80. Recommended

The method is as follows:

1, open the router settings interface according to your router is different or you have set the address, enter the router address.

2, find the Web management, a variety of routers display different, I take the tp-link router as a map. General display as Web management port: 80 We'll change the value to 8919. Click OK and then reboot or unplug the power from the router. Then we go to the router's address is: or (here to change the router IP in front of you changed the IP after you changed the port on the line) access to the address must be added before the http:/ /+ Router ip+ the changed port. It's not in this format that you can't access.

Six, the router management password to change the complexity of some, do not use the default. Highly recommended

The method is as follows: Open the router address, go to the router to set up the interface, find the system management, click and then pull down the menu to find the administrator, management control, management changes are OK, the router management password change.

Seven, turn off WPS/QSS function 7. Strong

The method is as follows: first determine if your router has WPS/QSS function.

As shown in figure:

After determining is to turn off the WPS/QSS function, the general router, after entering the setup interface, wireless settings. Some have a single WPS/QSS feature set item. When we find him, we choose to turn off the WPS/QSS feature.

Eight: Develop good habits, close the router before going to bed. Highly recommended

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