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This article mainly and the vast number of computer users to share the smart way of lazy computer, how to implement the remote sharing of USB device tips, in today can be said to be a computer network era, many families have more than one computer, if you are using computer A, suddenly want to use computer B in the flash memory, mobile hard disk, printer, We're going to have to turn these devices around. For lazy people this way is more trouble, now we can simply implement the USB device sharing, which is equivalent to the other computer can not move the USB device "moved over" to use, so greatly facilitate their own, saving time.

Settings for remote computers

You may say that as long as a LAN can be built to achieve file sharing, but this method does not realize the camera, wireless network card sharing, and through a named "Usbnetwork Gate" software can achieve the required USB device sharing. Currently its latest version is 5.0, which can support both MacOSX, Linux, and Windows operating systems, as well as the latest USB 3.0 devices. The use of WANFA is very simple, as long as the software is installed on the same LAN or on multiple computers on the Internet, so as to share and obtain the USB devices in the network. If you are new to assemble a computer, you need to connect the chassis front USB connector.

First, the remote computer needs a shared device. Open the main interface of the software, it will be able to proactively detect the current computer USB devices, and in the "Share Local USB Devices" interface list. Ancient hit the device select the "Share local USB Devices" option, in the pop-up dialog box you can set the TCP port used, communication encryption and the use of authorization password.

Local Computer settings

Then you run the software on your local computer. In the "Remote USB Devices" interface Click "Add remote Device" Add remote settings for the shared USB device, in the pop-up dialog box, enter "RemoteHost" IP, and then "find" search (Figure 2), Then add the discovered device (add remote device) to the list. Click the "Connect" button on the remote device listed in the "Remotely USB Devices" interface, and enter the password previously set to establish a shared connection.

You will see the new hardware found on your local computer, just as you plug a USB device from a remote computer into your local computer, and you can install a driver to fix it if it doesn't automatically recognize it.

Extended Application

According to the features of USB network Gate, we can easily share USB interface Flash memory, mobile hard disk, camera, printer, scanner and wireless card. For example, using flash memory, mobile hard copy files do not need to plug the trouble; Save time, share the camera, you can set up a remote monitoring system; If you share scanners and printers, you can also solve problems that office equipment is not easily shared with, and the local computer can also wirelessly log on to the Internet, sharing a wireless card.

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