How to register Didi taxi driver edition? Didi taxi driver edition registration tutorial

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Steps and methods for registering Didi taxi drivers:

1. A friend of the driver directly clicks on the above Didi official website to register

2. Fill in the vehicle information during the subsequent mobile phone registration process, as shown in the following figure: Then click "next ".

3. Enter the driver's name and ID card number, and upload the driver's license and driving license photo. Wait patiently to upload the photo. After uploading the photo, click "save. As shown in the following figure:

4. Click "Download Didi car" to download the driver software, as shown in the following figure.

5. After successful registration, the Didi car platform will review your information and you will receive a text message waiting for review. If there is no problem with the uploaded materials and photos, the password of the account is generally received within 24 hours, and the account is fully activated (2 hours if it is fast ).

6. After installation, use the mobile phone number and the password sent by SMS on Didi platform to log on to the driver's software. As shown in the following figure.

After logging on, change the password to the password you are familiar with. Then you can click the "get out" button in the software to get out of the car, as shown in the figure below.

A new driver can receive an additional 100-orders within 7 days after activation ~ 200 yuan reward!

Preparations for a novice driver to take over the ticket:

1. To facilitate navigation while driving, buy a suction cup holder to fix the phone on the windshield, or buy a cell phone clip to fix the phone on the air conditioning outlet. Because the software consumes a lot of power, you need to prepare a longer charging wire to charge your phone at any time.

2. before getting out of the car, read the "more" in the driver's software ----> "car guide" ----> "beginner's entry" and learn about the ticket receiving process and business process.

3. in some regions, the order income is very low. If incentives and subsidies cannot be obtained, drivers will lose money, A novice driver must understand the specific reward rules in "I" ---> "query" ----> "reward activity" ----> "ongoing activity" in the driver's software.

4. it should be noted that, before getting out of the car to pick up the order, we should first improve the health of the car and adjust our mentality (forget your career, now you are a car driver ), pay attention to traffic safety and courtesy. Happy to make money!

[Registration conditions] (slightly different regions)

1. Between the ages of 22 and 55, there are no restrictions on men and women. They are in good health and have a driver's license;

2. There is a four-door car that can be used anytime, anywhere. The bare car price is more than 80 thousand yuan, and the age is less than 6 years. The name on the driving license and the name on the driver's license can be different;

3. There is an Android phone. It is best to support 3G or 4G;

4. Currently, Didi Express is available in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Changsha, Dalian, Jinan, Xi'an, and Qingdao, most of the second-and third-tier cities are being activated.

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