How to set security permissions for u disk

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How to set security permissions for u disk

In order to make U disk more secure, we need to do some of the computer settings, the following teach you a trick, you can create a U disk "disowned":

In the Security tab window, delete all users so that the USB disk is not available on any computer. And because the permissions are stored in the U disk and the system's account, so if you want to access this set of U disk, on different computers on the need for different settings.

1. Use on this machine. Although no user can access, but the native system administrator can have change permissions, so you can log on as a system administrator, open the "security" option, and add your own account to the user list (permissions for Full Control), so as to achieve the purpose of operating the U disk.

2. Use on other computers. Access to the U disk must first take ownership, as a system administrator to log on to other computers, then insert U disk System will prompt you can not access U disk, but you can change the ownership of U disk. Ditto, after you open the Security tab, click Advanced, click the Owner tab in the pop-up window, change the owner to LCR for the current user, and then set the permissions to Full control.

If your USB disk is using a FAT partition, then there are ways to achieve this machine prohibit the use of U disk. The method is to expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Systemcurrentcontrolsetservicesusbstor subkey of the registry, and then change the "Start" value in the right window to "4". So when the U disk inserted into the computer, the system will not be prompted to find new hardware, nature will not be able to use U disk. When you use it, you can change the key value back so that it prevents people from using the U disk on our computer.

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