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Password Authentication in the Documents and Settings folder

In Windows 2000 or above, careful friends will notice that there is a Documents and Settings folder on the system disk. If you often check its size, you will find that the size of this folder is constantly increasing! What is the relationship

How to set a password for a folder

How to set a password for a folder, Method One: 1. If you want to open Windows Explorer, click start → programs → attachments, and then click Windows Explorer. Explorer 2, right-click the file or folder you want to encrypt, and then

Set password protection for the site folder in the htaccess file

Set password protection for the site folder in the htaccess file AuthType Basic AuthName "restricted area" AuthUserFile/full/path/to/passwordprotected/. htpasswd Require valid-user The AuthType in

How to Create a hidden folder with a password and a Win7 folder in win7

How to Create a hidden folder with a password and a Win7 folder in win7This article describes how to create folders with hidden passwords to protect private files. For more information, see Follow these steps to create a folder with a password

How do I add a password to the Win7 folder?

in the ordinary work, sometimes we in order to ensure the security of information always like to create a folder and then encrypt, although this operation is very easy, but for ordinary users is not simple, then in the Win7 System folder How to add

Password Crack Full Tutorial _ security related

In the day-to-day operation of the computer, we can not be separated from the password---power-on to use the CMOS password, into Windows 98 to use the user password, edit the Word document to set the document password ..., all of which provide users

Common computer password cracking practices

In daily computer operations, we can't do without passwords anytime, anywhere-we need to use the CMOS password when starting the system, use the user password when entering Windows 98, and set the document password when editing Word documents ......,

How to add a password to a computer folder

Method 1: Compress folder encryption Everyone as long as the computer installed WinRAR compression software, you can encrypt the folder compression, the specific encryption steps are as follows: 1, select the folder you want to encrypt,

How to set a password for a shared folder

Because XP defaults to a simple share, only the computer within the LAN through the "Network Neighborhood" (the default is the workgroup group) can see this computer sharing information without any authorization. So we have to remove such a hidden

How to Set Up SSH password-less logon for Ubuntu14.04

Hello everyone, today I will introduce how to set up the SSH password-less logon function on Ubuntu14.04. The SSH server will allow you to log on only when the workstation has a correct (public/private) key pair for matching. Otherwise, access will

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