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A person's success will not be a miracle. Texas oil giant Hunter (h.l. Hunt) became a 0.1 billion richest man from an on-the-shelf cotton farmer. When someone asks him if he has any suggestions for financial success, he says there are only two. First, you must determine exactly what you want to implement. Most people have never done this in their lifetime. Second, you must determine what price you have to pay for it and are determined to pay it.

  • A clear goal is fundamental

Clear goals and goals are fundamental to success in any business, and there is no exception in creating your own business. If you don't take the time to figure out what you are trying to accomplish, you are destined to spend your life on what others are doing. If you do not have a clear direction in your life, you can either go around without any purpose or start a career that you don't even like. You may be able to make some money and do some interesting work, but the final result will never be the same as what you can achieve when you consciously decide to create a career. In the end, you will be frustrated. Maybe you went wrong along the way. You have reviewed your career and asked yourself, "how did I come here? "

If setting goals is so important, why are there so few people willing to spend time deciding where they want to go? This is partly due to a lack of knowledge about how to set clear goals. You may have been studying for many years, but have never been guided by how to set goals. There is also a general lack of understanding of the importance of establishing clear goals. Those who really know what they want are doing much better than others.

A common cause that hinders setting goals is fear of making mistakes.Teddy Roosevelt once said: "The best thing you can do when you make a decision is the right thing. The best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst thing is to do nothing. "In fact, it is better to set targets than to float everywhere without any purpose. If you don't know where you are going, every day is a mistake. You may waste most of your time pursuing others' goals. The local fast food restaurants, TV ads, and corporate shareholders that you funded are all excited. If you don't think about what you want, you decide to give your future to others for a moment, and it will basically make a mistake. By grasping your passion and determining your own direction, you will gain a great sense of self-control that most people have never experienced in their lifetime.

Many people think that once they have a direction, they have a goal. This is not the case at all, and it only creates an illusion of moving forward. "Making more money" and "Creating a career" are not goals. The goal is a clearly and clearly defined measurable statement. The difference between the direction and the target is, as the compass points out, the difference between the east and the north and the highest point of the Eiffel Tower in France. One is just a direction, and the other is a clear position.

  • Define a binary goal

An important aspect of goals is that they must be defined in binary form. At any time, if I ask if you have achieved your goal, you must be able to give me a definite "yes" or "no" answer; "maybe" cannot be an option. Assume that you have completed the result of "making more money", but you cannot be absolutely certain. But if you are at the highest point of the Eiffel tower at the moment, you can give me a binary answer clearly. An example of clear business goals is that your total revenue in April this year is $5000 or more. This is something you can calculate clearly, and at the end of the month, you will be able to give the exact "yes" or "no" answer to whether you have achieved the goal. This is the clear level you need to form a goal so that your mind can lock it up and move forward quickly.

  • Refined

Set the target in as detailed as possible. Specify the number, date, and time. Make sure that each target is measurable. Either you have reached or not. Define your goals as if you already know what will happen. Some people say that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

  • Write down the target

The goal must be written in a positive, current, and personal positive form. A goal not written down is just a daydream. Set goals for what you want, not those you don't want. Your subconscious mind is locked only when the target is defined in a positive form. If you focus on things you don't want, you may be entangled in things you want to escape. Express your goals as if they have been achieved. Not to mention: "I want to earn $30000 this year", but now I use the statement: "I earned $30000 this year. "If you express your goals in the future, you will tell your subconscious to keep your achievements in the future, not in the present. Avoid ambiguous words when building goals, such as "possible", "should", "OK", "yes", "maybe", or "maybe. These words themselves contain doubts about whether you can achieve what you want. Finally, personalize your goals. You cannot set goals for others, such as: "at the end of the year, publishers will publish my software. "It should be said in this way:" I signed a contract with a retail publisher in North America this year to earn at least $50000 at the end of the year. "

  • Objective

What if you want to set subjective goals, such as improving self-discipline? How do you express such a goal in binary form? To solve this problem, I used ~ A 10-point level table. For example, if you want to improve your self-discipline level, first ask yourself that your current self-discipline level is 1 ~ Which of the following levels does the score reach? Set a target to reach a specific level, and a specific date. This allows you to measure your progress and have a high degree of confidence in whether to reach your goal.

  • You need to take the initiative to set the target

Setting a clear target is not a passive action and it will not automatically happen. You must take conscious actions to achieve this. Everything is very positive. Nothing is vague. You are either moving forward toward the target, or getting farther and farther away from it. If you do nothing or are confused, you are basically the victim of "aimlessly. In other words, you are using your own time to serve other people's goals, but you are still unaware of it. You are dumpily making money for landlords, other businesses, advertisers, shareholders, and others. Every day you are doing this in a confused manner and do not know where you are going, this is a step back for yourself. If you don't take the initiative to look after your garden, the weeds will grow. Weeds do not need watering or fertilizing. As long as they do not have a conscientious gardener, they will grow in disorder. Similarly, without conscious and targeted actions in your responsibilities, your work, and your life, it will also overgrow. You don't have to do anything. When you carefully and seriously examine where you are and where you are going, the first task is to eradicate the weeds.

After reading this article, unless you practice it, it will be worthless to you. Unfortunately, the best idea won't give you any results. In fact, you don't get a penny because of your ideas. You may have the most creative ideas in the world, but the idea itself is worth nothing. You can only achieve results by doing what you want, instead of relying on your imagination. To achieve tangible results, you must practice your ideas. You must communicate with it, construct it, execute it, and make it come true.

  • Waking is an option

If you have never focused on your career and just woke up every morning waiting for something to happen, it is crucial for you to spend some time deciding and writing down where you want to go. How long will it take you to climb the ladder of success and find that it depends on the wrong place? Quickly select a future point, whether it's the next six months or five years, and then spend a few hours writing what you want to be by then. I know that many people are not sure where they want to go, so I refuse to make any written commitments so that they can "keep their options open ". If you hold this attitude, what kind of reasonable results will you produce? You will never be promoted, you will not be able to start your career, you will not be able to get married, you will not be able to move to a new home, and so on. Unless someone else makes the decision for you.

I once had such a friend who still had no idea what to do. He gives control of his life to others but does not know. He is afraid of making wrong choices, so he does not want to spend time designing his own future. His life is dominated by others. Those who put their goals on him, and he defaults. Ask yourself if you are on the same ship as him. If a friend can control your life at Will-your career, your life condition, your relationships, and so on-he/she is absolutely sure that he/she is right for what you do.? If a business partner suddenly appears and you fail to consciously decide whether the change is consistent with your goal, it will completely change your plan for this week. What will happen again? If we do not set clear goals for ourselves, we will suffer from such problems. Recognizing a real opportunity and taking action is totally different from taking action without making a conscious decision.

Waiting for something to inspire you to appear is just like looking forward to a pie in the sky. It's just a fantasy. Clear decisions won't happen automatically. You must always make it happen. If you don't know what you want and you don't have a clear goal, sit down and think about what you want. Understanding what you desire is not something God gives you-you have to decide on your own. Setting goals is equivalent to deciding to make yourself a slave to others' goals.

  • Clear goals make decisions clearer

Your reality will not match your vision seamlessly. That's not the point. The point is that your vision allows you to make clear daily decisions so that you can stay in the direction of your goals. When a commercial plane flew from one city to another, it took 90% of its time to leave the route, but it was still measuring its own forward direction and making constant adjustments. The same is true for target settings. Keep a target list not because it is the place where you finally arrive, but because it allows you to definitely decide what to do today. When someone suddenly tells you a "opportunity", you will know whether it is a real opportunity or just a waste of time. Long-term planning shapes short-term planning.

When you start heading for the target, you will encounter many new things along the way, and you will change your plan while walking. If you find that it is not what you really want, you may change your vision. Flawed goals are still much better than total targets.

Someone once told me that at the end of every day, I had to cut out the day on the calendar and then said, "My life has passed another day and I will never go back. "You can also try this, and pay attention to the extent to which it will make you more concentrated. At the end of the day, you will feel "if this day can be used again, you will spend the same time", and you will feel grateful, this kind of mood can help you focus on what is really important to you. When you end with a feeling of regret or loss, you will wake up and try to spend the next day in a different way.

On the first day you establish a clear and willing target, you will find that your life has changed in a measurable way, even if the initial attempt is not perfect. You can make decisions more quickly than before, because you know that they will direct you to or take you away from your goals. On the eve of Walter Disney's death, a private reporter stayed at his bed to share his vision of Disneyland. This was the last six months before Disneyland was completed. When the Disney World was finally opened, another reporter told Walter's brother Roy: "It was a pity that Walter could not see this. "Roy replied:" Walter was the first person to see it. So we can see it today. "A clear goal allows you to reach the first half of h.l. Hunt's success formula. By setting the target you desire, writing it down, and reviewing it every day, you can turn the target into reality with the power of focus.

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