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Recent password security has become one of the most important things in everyone's mind: In addition to the different weights in your mind of the site and the software use different passwords, regular replacement password, do not save the password in the computer medium method. How to protect your own Windows7/vista account, and even the security of various network accounts? We first need to set ourselves a difficult password to be cracked--strong password, how to set strong password?

A password is a string that is used to access information or computers. To enhance security, the passphrase is usually longer than the password and contains multiple words used to create the phrase. Passwords and passphrase can help prevent unauthorized people from accessing files, programs, and other resources. When you create a password or passphrase, you should make it stronger so that it is difficult for others to guess or crack. It is a good idea to use strong passwords for all user accounts on your computer.

What constitutes a strong password or strong passphrase?

Strong passwords and passphrase contain each of the following four characters:

The password or passphrase may meet all of the above criteria, but still be a weak password or passphrase. For example, hello2u! All conditions for the strong password listed above are met, but are still weak because it contains the full word. H3ll0 2 U! is a stronger alternative password because it replaces some letters in the complete word with a number and also contains spaces.

You can help you remember strong passwords or passphrase by following these tips:

• Create acronyms based on information that is easy to remember. For example, select a phrase that is meaningful to you, such as my son ' s birthday is December, 2004. Guided by this phrase, you can use msbi12/dec,4 as your password.

• Replace letters or words in easily remembered phrases with numbers, symbols, and alphabetic spelling errors. For example, my son's birthday is December, 2004 can become Mi$un ' s Brthd8iz 12124 (this constitutes a strong passphrase).

• Link a password or passphrase to a hobby or favorite sport. For example, I love to play badminton can be turned into ILUV2PLAYB@DM1NT () n.

If you think you must write a password or passphrase to remember it, make sure you don't label it as a password and keep it in a safe place.

Use ASCII characters to create stronger passwords and passphrase

The length of a Windows password can be much larger than the eight characters suggested earlier. In fact, the password can be up to 127 characters in length. However, if your network also has computers running Windows 95 or Windows 98, consider using a password that is no more than 14 characters long. If the password is longer than 14 characters, you may not be able to log on to the network from the computer that is running these operating systems.

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