How to set up the power-on password? Forget the computer password how to do?

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How to set up the power-on password?

At the beginning-settings-control surface-user account-Create or click your current user, with the option to set the password

Or you can set the BIOS

When the boot Crazy press del, in the inside can find the word password, set up after the need to enter the password, even Windows can not enter.

How do I set up a screen saver and screen saver password?

(1) Set screen saver: Right-click Desktop---Properties---screen saver---point inverted triangle pull-down menu-Select Protection Program-wait time-OK.

(2) Set screen protection password: Right-click Desktop---Properties---screen saver---Enter a password (do not lose the Summerside password)---password protection---determine.

Forget the computer password how to do?

Here are a few methods (mainly for WIN2000/XP)

Delete Sam file, clear Administrator account password

Windows 2000 has a SAM file (that is, an account password database file) under the Winntsystem32config directory that contains all of the user names and passwords in Windows 2000. When you log in, the system will be the user name and password you typed, and the Sam file in the encrypted data proofing, if the two are fully compliant, you will be able to enter the system smoothly, otherwise it will not

Login, so we can recover the administrator password using the method of removing the Sam file.

After the SAM file is removed, the administrator's account has no password, and you can log in to the system with your administrator account without entering any password and then reset your admin account password when you enter the system.

Second, from the Sam file to find the password

The tools needed here are LC4, run LC4, open and create a new task, click "Import→import from SAM file" in turn, open the Sam file that is being cracked, and LC4 automatically parse the file and display the user name in the file, then click " Session→begin Audit ", you can begin to crack the password. If the password is not very complicated, the result will be in a short time.

However, if the password is more complex, it will take a long time, then we need to use the following method.

Third, use password reset disk set new password

After you log on to Windows XP without using the Welcome screen logon method, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to enter the Windows Security window, click the Change Password button in the options, and the Change Password window appears. This window, the current user's password backup, click on the lower left "backup" button, activate the "Forgotten Password Wizard", follow the prompts to create a password reset disk.

If you enter an incorrect password in the Windows XP Login window, the login failure window pops up, and if you really can't remember what your password is, click the Reset button to start the Password Reset Wizard, reset your password, and log on to Windows XP with the password reset disk you just created.

Iv. use software to modify passwords

Windows Key 5.0 and Windows Xp/2000/nt key two software can automatically modify the administrator password to 12345, restart the system with this account login, and then in the "Control Panel" user, and then modify the administrator password again.

Software Name: Windows Key 5.0

Usage: After running, 3 files are generated: Txtsetup.oem, Winkey.sys, and Winkey.inf, which are copied to a floppy disk and made into a Windows key disk. Then use the Windows XP installation CD to start the computer and press F6 during startup to have the system install a third party driver. At this point, the Windows key floppy disk will automatically jump to the WindowsKey interface, when it will force the password of the administrator to replace "12345".

Software name: Windows xp/2000/nt Key

Usage: Use it to make a drive floppy disk, then use the installation CD to start the computer, press "S" in the boot process, insert the drive floppy disk, the system administrator account the password will be changed to 12345.

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