How to solve the mechanical keyboard string key?

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How to solve the mechanical keyboard string key?

1, String key: That is, the same signal line on the interaction between the keys, resulting in automatic input or can not enter the problem; it is different from the combo (combo for a single button repeat or failure), the string key to enter the liquid mostly caused bad.

Example: ZXCVM,. Ctrl/*, any one of these keys will not be able to use the normal line. If you use the keyboard test software to detect, you will find that these keys are automatically entered.

Note: The test software can be downloaded from the experience link below.

2, in the ordinary life of the thin-film keyboard is not easy to lead to string keys, while the mechanical keyboard has a high rate of adverse; This is because the mechanical keyboard uses a separate switch/shaft, the interior is metal shrapnel structure. If the keyboard has entered the liquid, it will lead to signal short-circuit/shrapnel oxidation (with backlight will lead to rust oxidation) caused by this line signal is affected.

3, the following figure, mechanical keyboard into the liquid, not in time to clean up, resulting in ZXCVM a line of keys appear automatic input, in the percussion can not be used.

4, encountered this situation, the first time unplug the keyboard, the liquid into the area to clean up, if there is sugar, cola and other need to wash with warm water, and then dry use. The key to the bad button, can only change the axis processing.

Note: to the PCB into the liquid position carefully clean.

5, in the repair of mechanical keyboard string keys, you can test the edge, testing the end of which button is affected. Then use to install the new axis body.

Note: You can open the test software, use tweezers to trigger, instead of switch action.

6, the following figure is a number of mechanical keyboard key signal connection diagram. Example: F5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, PgDn, 0, PRT, F10, End bad, you can clean this line, including the key to the peripheral.

7, the last, usually use, or should pay attention to the use and maintenance methods. Lest the keyboard retire prematurely.


The most important two points to use the mechanical keyboard is to keep away from soot and liquid, and to pay attention to maintenance after use.

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