How to solve the problem of computer drop and network breaking

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Computer disconnected, offline resolution

First, check the network cable is loose

for most broadband users, ADSL wireless router fabric network is the most common, when there is a drop in the situation, the first thing to consider is the line problem.

Because the phone line line is too long, too many connectors, or there are some sources of interference, it is likely to trigger off the line, there are poor quality, do not meet the standard network cable will often cause instability, so when the discovery of the line, we must first check the network cable interface is loose.

If you find that the network cable interface is intact, check the problem with the power signal.

Second, the power light is constant bright

if the power signal light is not lit, first of all to troubleshoot power problems. If it is due to the power supply instability caused by the line, ADSL modem itself, whether there are problems.

Touch the ADSL modem shell with hand, feel very hot, at this time may be the ADSL modem temporarily shut down until cooling and then power-on use, or put it to the more ventilated position, this can also eliminate line failure.

Third, check that the data signal is normal

if the data light is not bright, it is likely that the circuit is open circuit, short-circuit and other phenomena, and then through the telephone test to see if the line is normal, if not normal, you can help ADSL service provider's technical staff to solve this problem.

If the data signal light flashes, it is likely that the line contact is bad, you must check whether the extension, the connector is firm, ADSL connection line is too long. If you follow the steps above, the data semaphore is still not bright, indicating that the fault is not connected to the line, and continue to look for other reasons.

Four, the network card semaphore is stable

Normally, the network card in the computer is connected with the ADSL modem through a network cable, and its signal should be flashing or constant bright. If the network card semaphore is unstable state, that is, not bright or flashing, it is likely that the network card and network cable Connection has failed.

In addition, also need to check whether the network card is loose, NIC driver installation is correct, network card resources conflict, network cable connector is loose. If you still cannot return to normal, the failure is not caused by a network card or network cable.

Five, network address cannot conflict

if the IP address of the ADSL modem is in conflict, or if the DNS server address is set incorrectly, the ADSL drop is also caused.

If you are a virtual dial-up user, you do not have to set up your own IP address, as long as you choose to automatically assign it. If you use a fixed IP address, you must check whether the IP addressThe IP addresses of other workstations in the network segment are conflicting, and the DNS address is set correctly and the TCP/IP parameters have changed. When you're done with the troubleshooting, if you still can't eliminate the problem, you'll have to look for the reason for the dial-up software.

Six, check that dial-up software is working

first double-click the dialer in your system desktop to perform a broadband dial-up connection operation, and you can click the Retry button in the prompt window when you see a "Failed to connect" error prompt in the dialing process. It is normal to dial 3 to 5 times to fix the problem.

If the connection is not successful after dialing 3 or 5 times, we can consider the broadband "cat" power off for a period of time and then open, and use ping to test the broadband "cat" IP address, if you can ping broadband "cat" IP address and then redial operation, I'm sure this will solve the problem.

If the dialing is still not successful, you may wish to restart the computer system, and then repeated dialing; If such efforts can not solve the problem, it is likely that the telecommunications room data machine will be locked up the user account, this time we can only contact the telecommunications staff to help unlock the.

If you are able to access the Internet without modifying the TCP/IP parameters, you may now be able to remove the TCP/IP protocol and then reinstall and set it up correctly, which may resolve your line failure.

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