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Speed is generally divided into download speeds and upload speed, generally we calculate the speed is only test download speeds, as long as the computer downloads from the Internet faster, users are usually more satisfied. But you know what? Upload speed is also noteworthy, especially in the Cloud network era, many friends have to pass files to the network disk or video site, the test is the broadband upload speed, the following this culture and education how to test the broadband upload speed, the method is as follows.

How to test the broadband upload speed to show you how to see the computer broadband upload speed

How to test the broadband upload speed?

To test the speed of the computer broadband upload, in fact, is also very simple, mainly including testing method and upload method, the following article separately introduced.

1. Test method

As with testing the broadband download speed, the broadband upload speed can also be tested, but some speed tools, and will not show upload speed. The following small series to share an online test site, which contains upload speed, the following methods.

1, first in the computer to open online Speed test site: then click to start testing;

2, waiting to complete the test, you can see the broadband download speed and upload speed, as shown.

This kind of online testing is not particularly accurate, it can only reflect a ballpark. For example, small knitting computer with 20M optical fiber, the test download speed reached 4M, upload speed is reached 3.15M, this is obviously a bit empty high.

In addition to this method, you can also use some speed measurement software, so that the results of the test more accurate.

2. Upload Method

Because online testing or the use of software testing may not be very accurate, so the most practical test method, or upload your own files to test. We can upload a larger file to the network or to prepare a video, upload to Youku, so that you can more realistically see the speed of broadband uploads.

Here to pass the file to Baidu Network for example, first open Baidu Network disk, and then choose to upload files, and then upload a compressed file, in the upload process, you can see the most real broadband upload speed, the following figure.

As shown in the file upload, you can see the broadband upload speed, such as the display here 544kb/s, this value is quite real. However, it should be noted that some websites, for example, the network disk on the user upload speed limit, so this test is not necessarily completely accurate, we can test a number of large sites, the number is accurate, such as to cool upload, small set test, the highest upload speed reached the 900kb/s, this number is closer to the actual value.

In addition to this method, we can also use security guards of the flow of the ball, see the computer real-time upload and download speed, such as to test upload speed, you can upload files in multiple network, so you can test the computer's largest upload speed, such a numerical value is the most real level.

About the broadband upload speed how to test the method for everyone to introduce here, in general, ADSL dial-up upload broadband, download speed and upload speed ratio is 8:1, such as 4M ADSL telephone line upload, theoretical download speed is 512kb/s, but the theoretical speed only 512/8= 64kb/s , this upload speed is very slow.

But if it is fiber-optic broadband, the theoretical download speed and upload speed can be done is equivalent, such as 4M of optical fiber, download speed can reach 512kb/s, upload speed can also reach 512kb/s, but the general operators will be deducted the amount of upload speed, So the real situation is often optical network upload speed is also lower than the download speed, but far less than ADSL so serious.

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