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Through the four steps, common wireless network failures can be easily solved. In fact, in the face of wireless network problems, the most important thing is to observe carefully, many seemingly complex faults, in fact, is caused by a small set or connection error, so we recommend that you through the elimination of simple to difficult, step-by-step solution to the problem, this is the most efficient way to solve wireless network problems. Solution to wireless network failure!

The first step: check the hardware and wiring connection

Are you a wireless internet user? What do you think is the most important device for building a wireless network? It is believed that most of the users ' answers are wireless routers. Yes, with the rapid rise of wireless networks, no line has become the core hub, so once it fails, the entire wireless network will be paralyzed. So if the glitch really comes up, how do we solve it and let the wireless network return to normal? Very simple, according to the following four steps to operate, the general wireless network failure can be easily resolved.

The first step: check the hardware and wiring connection

No line by the failure of the first reason is the line connection problem, but many users often ignore this point, and therefore took a lot of detours. So when the wireless network fails, we should first ensure that no line by the power connection is normal, and then see if the broadband access port is connected correctly. We can judge by the status led without line, in which the indicator lights are flashing continuously, not bright or not flashing all fault. If the LEDs do not display properly, we should replace a network cable to reconnect.

View status LEDs ensure proper connection

If the display is normal, but the wireless network is still faulty, then we need to check the location of no line by and whether there is a large barrier or high-power electrical equipment between it and the client. At this point we need to reduce the distance between the line and the client, and ensure that no lines from the high-power electrical equipment, because the electromagnetic radiation of these appliances will seriously affect wireless network signal transmission, resulting in wireless failure.

In addition, the client's wireless network card inspection is also essential. First, click "View Available Wireless connection", then refresh "Network List" and set the network card parameters, and finally in the "properties" to see if there is no data to send and receive. If the client wireless network card problems, we can replace the external USB wireless network card, or reinstall the network card driver, the fault can generally be resolved.

Finally, it is certainly not possible to overlook the failure of the circuit by its own hardware. If you find no line by the status indicator is not lit, the client is connected to No line by the time no response, then please contact the dealer in time, the wireless router for warranty or replacement of good products. (PS: When users buy wireless products, be sure to keep good invoices or receipts)

Step Two: View network adapters and router settings

Step Two: View the client wireless network card and wireless router settings

The problem of wireless network failure caused by setting errors is also common, and setting errors are also divided into two aspects, that is, the client wireless adapter Setup error and the wireless router Setup error.

Set up a client wireless network card

The setting of the client wireless network card is very simple, click "The Network Place", view "the Wireless net Connection", then set the wireless card "IP address" "Subnet mask" and "gateway", as long as the IP address of the wireless network card and the IP address of the wireless route are in the same network segment Of course, it is generally recommended that you choose "Automatic Acquisition".

Wireless Router Web Configuration Interface

The set without lines is relatively complex. We first need to enter the browser address bar without line by IP address, and then in the pop-up login interface to enter the user name and password, you can enter the line by the Web with the interface (some brands of no line by the attached configuration CD-ROM, can be directly through the CD-ROM).

In the Web configuration interface, we first have to ensure that the broadband access mode is correct, for example, you are an ADSL user, then you need to select "PPPoE" access mode, and then enter the usual connection ADSL user name and password, and finally save the exit. If you still cannot connect to the wireless network at this point, you will also need to check the security settings option to see if there is no line from "IP address filtering" or "MAC address filtering." If turned on, you can temporarily turn off these two features and try to connect successfully.

Step three: Wireless encryption to prevent network attacks

Step Three: Encrypt wireless network to prevent network attack

Network attacks are also the main cause of wireless network failures, the most common of which is ARP attacks. ARP attacks can cause network IP address conflicts, data loss and overflow, which may cause the entire network paralysis.

ARP attack

If a user finds that they have been exposed to an ARP attack (primarily because they are unable to access the network), the emergency approach is to go into "Safe Mode with the network" and then modify the client's IP address in the properties of the wireless network card, and then see if the network can be connected. Then install a professional anti-virus software and network firewall to prevent similar network attacks to reappear.

Wireless network encryption

Encrypting the wireless network is also without wiring by the required settings. Most wireless routers now support WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption, where WEP encryption has been cracked, so it is not recommended (if your line is only supported by WEP encryption, select 128-bit encryption). and WPA/WPA2 Wireless encryption is more secure, the general illegal intruders difficult to crack.

In addition, the aforementioned IP address filtering and MAC address filtering is also a good way to protect the network, users only need to add the client's IP address and MAC address to No line by the "Allow List" can be, the protection effect is very significant oh.

Fourth Step: Upgrade the firmware of the wireless router

Fourth Step: Upgrade the firmware of the wireless router

Believe that some wireless users have encountered similar problems, no line from the standby time is too long to be locked up phenomenon. The concrete manifestation is that when no line is connected by the client for a long time without network operation, no line from the will enter standby state. Can be when the client one but restore work, no line from the original working state, regardless of whether the user set DHCP automatically get IP or manually set IP, can not connect to the router, nor Ping wireless route.

This is a typical wireless router firmware issue that is very common in some old wireless routers. The solution is also simple: Refresh the new firmware without lines. The current mainstream wireless device manufacturers will regularly release the new No Line by the firmware, we can through the Web configuration interface for automatic upgrades.

Firmware upgrades

Enter the wireless router's web configuration interface, find the "System Management" menu, in which we will see the "Software Upgrade" option, after the entry can start to upgrade. However, there is a certain risk of firmware upgrades, the period can not power off, and need to wait patiently. In particular, after the upgrade, you need to wait for the wireless router to automatically restart, or according to the prompts to manually restart, do not do other operations, or your wireless router is likely to become a "brick."

In addition to eliminating the fault of the wireless router, upgrading the firmware can also add new features for the wireless router, you may want to try it yourself, you can get a better wireless experience OH.

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