How to upgrade from devexpress 7.1.1 to devexpress 7.3.5

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because the systems we wrote are all 7.1.1, but we finally found that 7.1.1 is very problematic on the publishing end, so we switched to 7.3.5. As a result, all the previously written programs cannot be opened, I used to try it again (now I think it was so stupid). I found something in the place where I studied 7.1.1 carefully one afternoon, this is exactly the "fully qualified name of the assembly" that I used in the morning for reflection. Haha, there will be a solution. Okay, let's get started.:
1. query the local combination of 7.1.1.
2. change all the fully qualified names of the 7.1.1 assembly to 7.3.5
2.1: Definition:
the fully qualified name of the Assembly. Do not explain it. For more information, see
2.2: method:
type T = typeof (devexpress. utils. appearanceitem);
string S = T. assembly. fullname. tostring ();
MessageBox. show (s);
devexpress. utils. appearanceitem: enter the name of the object you want to obtain.
3. overwrite the fully qualified names of the obtained Assembly
4. use the query to query the local union where 7.1 appears, and replace all with 7.5
5. create another project file in each project.
xtraform or xtrausercontrol Or ribbonform and so on
This is based on the type of file in your program file and re-creates one. I don't explain why, after that, the effect will come.

6. End.

Haha, congratulations, you have succeeded. The entire process can be up to five minutes. Does it make a lot of money when I write .....

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